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China Tea Expo to Held in World Trade Center

The 6th China Tea Expo will be held at World Trade Center, Beijing, on 24th-27th October, 2009, is the largest, most important tea event in Beijing China.

China Tea Expo is the annual trade event for the tea industry, in 2008, the 5th CTE was successfully held at the World Trade Center, it's about 11000 square meters, thousands of tea lovers, mass merchants, experts and business professionals have visited CTE, as well as impressive tea ceremonies, visitors got to taste a good few varieties, attended seminars and visited specialty tea wholesale suppliers. During the trade show, CTE approximately hosted over 250 local and overseas companies and over 50000 visitors.

- 2:51 A.M. EST, Sep 23, 2009

Beijing Olympic Cultural Squares Published

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Paralympic Games, twenty-six Olympic Cultural Squares in Beijing will open to the public free of charge.

The Olympic Cultural Squares will be open from June 23rd to September 17th when the Paralympic Games is scheduled to end. During the games, large screens will be installed in the Olympic Cultural Squares to offer live broadcast of the events. Also, there will be outdoor performances of domestic and foreign artists, outdoor exhibitions, sales areas of Olympic licensed products and souvenirs on the squares. Besides, distinctive Chinese lanterns will be hung over in the Olympic Cultural Squares and major parks of the city.

List of the Olympic Cultural Squares:
Districts and Counties
Dongcheng District:
Ditan Park (地坛公园八区)
Xicheng District:
Xidan Cultural Square (西单文化广场)
Chongwen District:
Yuting Public Cultural Square (玉蜓市民文化广场)
Xuanwu District:
Daguanyuan Cultural Square (大观园文化广场)
Chaoyang District:
Square outside the west gate of Chaoyang Park (朝阳公园)
The PLACE Boulevard (世贸天阶广场)
Wangjing Square (望京广场)
Jiangtaiwa Cultural Square of Dongfeng Town (东风乡将台洼村文化广场) (To be determined)
Haidian District:
Haidian Park (海淀公园)
Square in the China Millennium Monument (世纪坛广场)
Keda Roudaoguan Square (科大柔道馆广场)
Fengtai District:
Lianhuachi Park (莲花池公园)
Shijingshan District:
Beijing International Sculpture Park (北京国际雕塑公园)
Mentougou District:
Binhe Square (滨河广场)
Tongzhou District:
Canal Square (运河广场)
Shunyi District:
Guangming Square (光明广场)
Hexie Square (和谐广场)
Changping District:
Yong'an Park Cultural Square (永安公园文化广场)
Pinggu District:
Century Square (世纪广场)
Daxing District:
Xingcheng Cultural Square (兴城文化广场)
Huairou District:
Mingzhu Cultural Square (明珠文化广场)
Memorial Park of the Fourth World Conference on Women (市妇会公园)
Fangshan District:
Fuqian Square (府前广场)
Yanshan Center Square (燕山地区中心广场)
Miyun County
Miyun Cultural Activities Center Square (密云文化活动中心广场)
Yanqing County
Yanqing Exhibition Center Square (延庆县会展中心广场)

- 4:04 A.M. EST, Jan 24, 2008

Beijing Subway: Passenger Transportation during the Spring Festival to Start

It is reported that the passenger transportation of Beijing Subway during the Spring Festival of 2008 will start on January 23 and ends on March 2, 2008.

During this period, the existing five subway lines of Beijing will hopefully receive 116 million passengers with a daily transportation of 2.9 million passengers. To relieve the pressure of subway transportation, several temporary metro trains will be in service opportunely. For tourists in Beijing, it is best to pay more attention when traveling by metro or to choose other way to get around in the city.

- 4:17 A.M. EST, Jan 22, 2008

Chaoyang Park to Hold 2008 Chaoyang Int'l Spring Carnival

According to Chaoyang District, the 2008 Beijing Chaoyang International Spring Carnival will be held in Chaoyang Park during the Spring Festival of 2008.

From February 7th to 12th, the 2008 Beijing Chaoyang International Spring Carnival will be held in Chaoyang Park. The Chaoyang International Spring Carnival began in 2002 and is becoming more and more popular among people. As one of the largest cultural programs of Beijing, it is a combination of entertainment, shopping and sport. Characterized by the distinctive activities, the Spring Carnival will provide domestic visitors and foreign tourists with unforgettable exotic experiences.

Tips for the Chaoyang Park:
Admission Fee:
CNY 10
No.1, Nongzhan Nanlu (农展南路)
Bus Route:
31, 117, 302, 350, 406, 419, 431, 499, 635, 672, 682, 750, 758, 852, 973, 985, 988 to Chaoyang Gongyuan (Chaoyang Park, 朝阳公园).


- 11:38 P.M. EST, Jan 17, 2008

The 2008 Temple Fair to be Staged in Ditan Park

It is reported that the Dongcheng District will host a temple fair in the Ditan Park from February 6th to 13th, 2008.

The mascots of the temple fair are a red mouse and a yellow mouse, for the year 2008 is the year of mouse. The Sichuan Opera will be staged in the temple fair. Besides, special boxing ring has been set up in the park, and tourists to the park will watch professional boxing performances.

Tips for the Ditan Park (地坛公园):
Admission Fee:
Opening Hours:
Andingmenwai Dajie (安定门外大街), Dongcheng District
Bus No.104 Kuai (104?), 125, 201, Subway Line 5 to Hepingli Beijie (和平里北街).
Bus No.104, 108, 113, 119, 124, 18, 201, 328, 358, 407, 426, 430, 643, 644, 758, 803, 850, 858, Te 2 () to Ditan Ximen (the west gate of Ditan Park, 地坛西门).
Bus No.13, 116, 117 to Yonghegong (Lama Temple, 雍和宫), and then walk to the park.


- 11:35 P.M. EST, Jan 17, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay Route within Beijing Determined

According to the Beijing Olympic Committee, the torch relay route within Beijing City now has been determined. The torch will be passed in fifty-six sites places of 18 districts and countries in Beijing.

The torch relay of the Beijing City will start at 07:00 of August 6th in Badaling Great Wall and end on August 8th in the National Stadium. It will pass through some famous tourist attractions, including Ming Tombs and the Summer Palace. In particular, the route of the torch relay resembles the Chinese character '和' which means harmony, symbolizing it is a 'harmonious trip'. Presently, the selection of the torch bearers has been finished.

The Olympic torch relay route within Beijing City:
Aug. 6th
Memorial Park of the Fourth World Conference on Women (世妇会纪念公园)
Miyun Reservoir (密云水库), Midong Square (密东广场)
Pinggu Century Square (平谷世纪广场)
Beilangzhong Village (北郎中村), Modern Car City (现代汽车城), Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation (燕京啤酒集团)
Canal Culture Square (运河文化广场)
Beijing Central Business District (CBD区域)
Wangfujing (王府井), Silver Street (银街), Ancient Observatory (古观象台)
Aug. 7th
Peking Man Site, Hancunhe Village (韩村河)
Tanzhe Temple (潭柘寺)
Capital Iron and Steel Company (首钢), Badachu Park (八大处)
Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace (圆明园), Peking University (北京大学), Tsinghua University (清华大学), Zhongguancun Science Park (中关村科技园区)
Lugou Bridge (卢沟桥), Headquarters Economy Garden (总部经济区)
Daxing Development Zone (大兴开发区), Daxing New City (大兴新城)
Beijing South Railway Station, Yongdingmen City Gate Tower (永定门城楼), Temple of Heaven, Zhushikou (珠市口), Qianmen Watch Tower (前门箭楼)
Ox Street (牛街), Memorial Pillar of the Establishment of Beijing City (建都纪念阙)
Jinrong Jie (金融街), Chang'an Jie (长安街), National Grand Theater (国家大剧院), Tiananmen Square
Aug. 8th
Urban areas
Tiananmen Square, Jinshui Bridge (金水桥),  Forbidden City, Jingshan Park (景山), Di'anmen Dajie (地安门大街), Shicha Lake (什刹海), Drum Tower (鼓楼), Olympic Center, National Stadium (国家体育场)

- 11:19 P.M. EST, Jan 16, 2008

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