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Badaling Expressway: Fast Tracks to Closed for One Month

Due to the improvement of the toll collection system, the fast tracks of Badaling Expressway will be closed for a whole month from January 1, 2008. During this period, drivers can draw passes in the entrances of other tracks and pay the toll according to the driving distance in the exits.

- 3:54 A.M. EST, Jan 3, 2008

London to Celebrate the Third 'China Year'

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From February 6th, the largest 'China Year' will be held in London, the host city of the 2012 Olympics. The 'China Year' will last until April 6th when the 2008 Olympic torch reaches there.

The Chinese Spring Festival of 2008, the first day in January of lunar calendar, will fall on February 7th. Accordingly, the 'China Year' will start with a lantern show on the eve of the Spring Festival in Oxford Street. During the period, Chinese artists will display Chinese culture and arts to the local people in the city, including an extraordinary Chinese Mahjong Festival and an exhibition featuring the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses.

- 3:41 A.M. EST, Jan 2, 2008

China Olympic Tourism Year Starts

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On January 1, 2008, altogether 234 German tourists arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport, symbolizing the start of China Olympic Tourism Year.

As the first foreign tourists visiting China in the New Year, they were warmly welcomed and each of them received a gift of Beijing Olympic mascot. From then on, the China Olympic Tourism Year officially started and will last for a whole year.

- 3:39 A.M. EST, Jan 2, 2008

National Art Museum of China to Stage Dunhuang Art Exhibition

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From January 19 to February 21, 2008, National Art Museum of China will stage a grand exhibition on Dunhuang art.

The exhibition will cover the duplicate grotto of Dunhuang, painted sculptures of grotto, Dunhuang Murals, some unearthed cultural relics of Mogao Grottos and several works by famous artists. With abundant items on display, such an exhibition is among the list of the Chinese exhibitions serving the 2008 Olympics.

Tips for the National Art Museum of China:

Admission Fee:
CNY 20
Opening Hours:
09:00-17:00 (tickets are unavailable from 16:00 every day)
Bus Route:
No.103, 111, 202, 211, 814 to Meishuguan Stop (???), and then walk to the National Art Museum of China (?????).

- 2:18 A.M. EST, Dec 29, 2007

Beijing Adjusts Train Tickets Presale Period

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According to Chinese Ministry of Railways, the sale of the tickets for the trains departing from Beijing has been adjusted since December 26, 2007.

From December 26th to March 2, 2008, the presale period for the ordinary trains, and trains with the number starting with 'T', 'K' and 'N' has been shortened to four days in advance. Besides, Beijing railway stations will not sell any return tickets, joint tickets or tickets for trains starting from other stations.

However, during this period, the tickets reservation for the D-Trains, 'Z' Trains (direct train) and temporary trains will remain unchanged as 10 days in advance.

- 3:31 A.M. EST, Dec 27, 2007

Beijing to Adjust Ordinary Train Tickets Presale

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According to Beijing Railway Bureau, the sale of the ordinary train tickets will be adjusted from January 11 to March 2, 2008.

During this time, Beijing railway stations will not sell some tickets of the ordinary trains, including the return ticket, tickets sold by other stations and the connecting tickets. The presale period of the ordinary train tickets will be shortened to four days. While the tickets presale for tickets of the D-Trains, 'Z' Trains (direct train) and temporary trains will remain unchanged as 10 days in advance.

- 4:27 A.M. EST, Dec 26, 2007

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