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China National Art Museum Exhibiting New Year Pictures

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Recently, the National Art Museum of China is presenting an exhibition featuring the Chinese New Year pictures. It is reported that the exhibition will last until the end of February.

The displaying 121 New Year pictures include some rubbings from the pictures during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1911). There are 62 traditional wooden New Year pictures selected from the collections of the museum. The most absorbing are the Door Gods in the pictures, for the Door Gods of different places are given various appearances and expressions.

Tips for the National Art Museum of China:
Admission Fee:
CNY 20
Opening Hours:
09:00-17:00 (tickets are unavailable from 16:00 every day)
Bus Route:
No.103, 111, 202, 211, 814 to Meishuguan Stop (???), and then walk to the National Art Museum of China (?????).


- 3:54 A.M. EST, Jan 15, 2008

Shichahai Ice Stadium Opened

Shichahai Ice Stadium (?????), the first standard skating rink in Beijing, was opened on January 12, 2008.

Built in 1952, the Shichahai Ice Stadium covers an area of 1.8 hectares (4.45 acres) and is located to the west of Front Sea (??). Equipped with neon lights, acoustic equipment, lighting fixtures and professional safety devices, it is very popular among people in Beijing.

It is reported that the skating rink in Taoranting Park (?????) will not open this year.

Tips for Shichahai Ice Stadium:
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
13, 24, 107, 111, 118, 204, 701, 810, 823, 850 to Beihai Beimen (the north gate of Beihai Park,  ????)

- 3:52 A.M. EST, Jan 15, 2008

Olympic Fine Arts 2008 Launched in Forbidden City

It is reported that since January 10th, the Olympic Fine Arts 2008 has been launched in the Imperial Ancestral Temple (??) of the Forbidden City.

This is the third Olympic Fine Arts in the world which will be larger than that of the Sydney Olympics and the Athens Olympic Games. On the occasion, famous artists from over 80 countries and regions, including the previous Olympic cities, will take part in the exhibition.

The Olympic Fine Arts 2008 aims to enrich the theme of Beijing Olympic Games - 'People's Olympics', and promote the artistic communication and cultural cooperation between China and the world. The entries in the competition include Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints and sculptures.

The Olympic Fine Arts 2008 will be divided into three periods, preview (from May to July), exhibition (in August) and itinerant exhibition (from September).

- 4:31 A.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008

Beijing: 60% Discount on Tickets of Public Bus Starting with '9'

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From January 15, people in Beijing will enjoy a 60% discount when taking the public buses starting with '9' with a 'Yikatong' IC card. Students will be given an 80% discount with such a card, while no discount will be given if you pay the tickets by cash.

The public buses starting with '9' include air-conditioned buses and non air-conditioned ones. The flag down rate of them are respectively CNY 2 and CNY 1. Presently, there are altogether 139 bus routes for the buses starting with '9'. Among them, there are 11 inter-provincial bus routes. In Beijing area, tickets of all the buses starting with '9' are at 60% discount. When you travel out of Beijing, the bus tickets will be at 20% discount. No matter when getting on or getting off the bus, passengers are required to scan the 'Yikatong' IC cards. The automatic fare collection on the buses will charge according to the distance you travel.

There are totally 4,254 such buses and they transport about 1.5 million passengers daily. After the adoption of the new fare collection, there will be a rise in the number of passengers. Therefore, there will be about 886 more buses in service by this May.

- 4:29 A.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008

Yearly Ticket of Old Summer Palace Now Available

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On January 10, 2008, the yearly ticket of the Old Summer Palace was released. People can buy the yearly ticket at CNY 120 and visit the park at any time within the year. Besides, the monthly ticket which costs CNY 15 is still on sale during the first five days of each month. Only photo is required when buying the monthly tickets.

Tips for the Old Summer Palace:
Entrance Charge:
CNY 10
Opening Hours:
May, June, July, August
April, September, October
January, February, March, November, December
No.28, Qinghua Xilu (????), Haidian District
010-62637561, 010-62628501
Bus Route:
No.365, 656, 681, 717, 743, 814, 963, 982, Te 4 (?4), Yuntong 105 (??105), Yuntong 205 (??205) to Yuanmingyuan Dongmen (?????).
No.319, 320, 331, 432, 438, 498, 628, 664, 690, 696, 697, 801, 826, Te 6 (?6) to Yuanmingyuan Nanmen (?????).
Meanwhile, in the Zizhuyuan Park, a new sport 'cycling on ice' has been launched and become very popular among people. By depositing CNY 100, you can hire the bicycle with a rent of CNY 30 for half an hour or CNY 50 for one hour. The sport is available from 09:00 to 16:00.

- 4:26 A.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008

The 2008 Beijing Attractions Yearly Ticket Released

It is reported that the 2008 Beijing Attractions Yearly Ticket will be sold from January 10 to February 29, 2008.

Compared with that of the year 2007, the 2008 yearly ticket covers thirty-three scenic spots, since four more attractions have been included. The ticket owners can visit these attractions for any times within the year. Two kinds of the ticket will be sold to both Chinese and foreign guests. One costs only CNY 60 and is available for visitors above 60 years old and students. The other costs CNY 100 and is for all tourists. Only a personal photo is required when buying the ticket. The ticket is valid from January 10, 2008 to January 9, 2009.

Scenic spots covered in the yearly ticket:

Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju)
Badaling Remnant Great Wall
Baihua Mountain
Beiputuo Movie City (??????)
Black Dragon Pool (???)
Dishuihu Scenic Spot (?????)
Gushan Village (?????)
Guihuamu National Geological Park (?????????)
Hu Dong Shui Valley
Jinhai Lake (???)
Jingdong Grand Canyon (?????)
Jingdong Great Stalactite Cave (?????)
Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge (?????)
Jiufeng National Forest Park
Laoxiangfeng Scenic Spot
MiaoFeng Mountain (???)
Nine Dragon Amusement Park (?????)
No.1 Waterfall in Beijing (?????)
Pearl Waterfall (?????)
Phoenix Hill (???)
Qingliang Valley
Sacred Way
Shangfangshan National Forest Park
Simatai Great Wall
Taoyuan Fairy Valley
Wulong Gorge (???)
Xiangshui Lake
Xiaolongmen National Forest Park
Yanqi Lake (???)
Yinshan Pagoda Forest
Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Yunju Temple
Yunmengshan National Forest Park

Ticket is available in these parks: Jingshan Park (????), Phoenix Hill (???), Beijing International Sculpture Park (???????), Tuanjiehu Park (?????), Ritan Park (????), Rendinghu Park (?????), Lianhuachi Park, Grand View Garden, Honglingjin Park (?????), Wanfangting Park (?????), Side Park (????), Youth Lake Park (?????), Shuangxiu Park (????) and Haidian Park (????).

Service Telephone: 010-68421776, 010-80106587

- 3:59 A.M. EST, Jan 10, 2008

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