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Yunju Temple to Offer Free Sightseeing for Olympic Volunteers

The Laba Festival (December 8 of the Chinese lunar calendar) of this year will fall on January 15, 2008. On the day, Beijing Yunju Temple will offer Laba Congee to visitors and free sightseeing for the Beijing Olympic volunteers.

The Olympic volunteers can enjoy sightseeing for free with related certificates. Meanwhile, the presentation of Laba Congee will start at nine o'clock in the morning. Visitors to the temple will have a chance to appreciate some traditional activities.

- 4:24 A.M. EST, Dec 26, 2007

Beijing Shicha Lake: Hutong Tour Routes Announced


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Having a hutong tour by rickshaw provides a unique view of Beijing and becomes more and more popular among visitors. Now the hutong tour routes in Shicha Lake are restricted to certain areas and the number of rickshaw will be no more than 300.

Here are the four authorized hutong tour routes:
1. Qianhai Xijie (????) ? the north bank of Qianhai (????) ? the south bank of Back Lake (????) ? Liuyin Jie (???) ? Qianhai Xijie.

2. Qianhai Xijie ? the north bank of Qianhai ? Yinding Bridge (???) ? the north bank of Back Lake (????) ? Wild Duck Island (???) ? the south bank of Back Lake ? Liuyin Jie (???) ? Qianhai Xijie.

3. Qianhai Xijie ? the south end of Nanguanfang Hutong (???????) ? Nanguanfang Hutong Donglu (?????) ? Qianhai Xijie.

4. Qianhai Xijie ? the south end of Nanguanfang Hutong ? Zhanzi Hutong (????) ? Daxiangfeng Hutong (?????) ? Liuyin Jie.

- 3:42 A.M. EST, Dec 25, 2007

Beijing Railway Resumes 10-day Presale Period

According to Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station, the tickets reservations for the ordinary trains resume to 10 days from December 25, 2007. The tickets reservations for the D-Trains and 'Z' Trains (direct train) remain unchanged as 10 days in advance.

- 3:40 A.M. EST, Dec 25, 2007

Beijing: Longqing Gorge to Hold Ice Lantern Festival

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It is reported that an Ice Lantern Festival featuring the Beijing Olympics will start in the Longqing Gorge from January 10, 2008.

During the festival, about forty sets of sculptures based on the theme of Olympics, including a 42-meter (137.8 feet) long snow sculpture, will make visitors enjoy a strong feeling about the coming Olympics. Meanwhile, the Fourth Ice and Snow Sculpture Competition will be held in the gorge.

- 3:33 A.M. EST, Dec 21, 2007

First Int'l Ice and Snow Festival of Pinggu District Starts

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On December 18, 2007, the First International Ice and Snow Festival of Pinggu District started in Yuyang Ski Resort. The festival will last until February 21, 2008.

During the festival, visitors to Pinggu District will take part in over thirty interesting activities and enjoy various delicious foods. In the Yuyang Ski Resort, skiers form Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries and regions will participate in the races.

Tourists to Pinggu District can also appreciate the charming peach blooms and eat delicious summer fruits picked from the greenhouse. Besides, they will have a chance to watch some wonderful folk art performances.

Tips for the Yuyang Ski Resort (?????):
Entrance Charge:
CNY 20
Opening Hours:
Dawangwu Village (????), Donggaocun Town (????), Pinggu District
Bus Route:
No.918, 918 Kuai (918?), 918 Zhi (918?) to Pinggu Shiji Guangchang (??????), and then transfer to a taxi to the ski resort.

- 3:09 A.M. EST, Dec 19, 2007

Beijing Parks Ready for Christmas

The parks in Beijing now have got ready for the coming Christmas and various large-scale activities will be presented.

On December 24th, a Christmas party will be held in the Shijingshan Amusement Park. A Christmas tree of 30-meter (98.4 feet) high has been beautifully decorated to welcome tourists. Excellent performances will be on show in the castle of the park. People to the park can also take part in over twenty games, including a masquerade party.

Beijing Happy Valley will also hold Christmas carnivals from December 22nd to 31st. On the night of December 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 31st, there will be wonderful evening performances in the park. People who want to participate in the evening performances can enter the park after 18:00 when the ticket is only CNY 60.

Tips for the Shijingshan Amusement Park (??????):
Admission Fee:
CNY 10
Bus Route:
212, 325, 337, 389, 472, 621, 622, 663, 728, 941 to Jingyuan Lukoudong (?????), and then walk to the park.
212, 325, 327, 354, 941, 958, 959 to Jingyuan Lukoudong (?????), and then walk to the park.
Line 1 to Bajiao Amusement Park (?????), and then walk to the park.
Tips for the Beijing Happy Valley (?????):
Admission Fee:
CNY 160
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
No.31, 41 to Houfengqiao Nan (????)
No.674, 680, 687 to Beijing Huaqiaocheng (?????)

- 3:05 A.M. EST, Dec 18, 2007

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