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Beijing offers many optional vehicles both for locals and visitors to get around the city or leave for other destinations at will. The city now has a greatly improved transport system, though traffic jams may happen at peak times. Here we provide as much transport information as we could for your convenience, to make your Beijing tour more comfortable.  

 Get to or out of the City
By Air
Beijing has two airports, namely, Capital Intentional Airport featuring international and domestic flights, and Nanyuan Airport featuring only domestic flights.

By Train
When your trip is long, traveling by train is quite cheap and safe, but takes more time of course.

By Coach
This is a more convenient and easier way for a relative short trip. There are more than ten long distance bus stations in the city and some small ones in the suburbs.

Tianjin Port
Tianjin Port with three domestic-scheduled ship lines and two international scheduled ship lines provide an alternative for tourists to leave for other destination by sea.

 Get around the City
Taking a rickshaw is unexpectedly more expensive than taking a taxi, but allows tourists a unique view of the ancient Beijing.

Now, three waterways are available for tourists, and the boats are in service from April to October every year, which provide another way of exploring the city.

Tourist Bus
Tourist buses are special public buses tailored for tourists who want to go directly to scenic spots.

Tourist Train
Tourist trains are always fast, inexpensive and efficient, taking passengers directly to the desired tourist attractions located in suburban districts.

The taxi is the most direct way to get the feel for the city and definitely a better choice for tourists who are not familiar with the city.

There are now 17 existing metro lines traversing the city.

Public Bus
Traveling by public bus in Beijing is very cheap. Many buses announce the stop names in both Chinese and English, so you may have a try to take a bus.

The bicycle is a good way for you to get around Beijing, as it is environmentally friendly and provides healthy exercise.

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Comments and Questions

i will be arriving Beijing International airport. is there a shuttle bus that stops in front of Sunworld Dynasty Hotel and cost per person.? If it is close by , may i know how far?would it be easier to take a taxiThank you

Reply7/11/2017 8:12:10 PMKS,   Malaysia

Lily :7/19/2017 7:04:18 PM

Hello, shuttle bus line 13 can be your choice. Take it and get off at Wangfujing Street and your hotel will be in your sight. It takes around 50min and the fare is CNY25 per person. If you have many luggages, it is also fiine to take a taxi and it may cost CNY90-100.

i am arriving at beijing airport and wanted to reach the Happy Dragon Hostel.... is there a bus or subway for us to take to reach our hostel? how much does it cost?

Reply3/20/2017 8:29:43 AMdavid,   Malaysia

Julie ( Germany ) :3/20/2017 11:58:55 PM

You may take airport shuttle bus Wangfujing Line to the terminal. Upon arrival, walk northwards through the Longhao International Club for around 250 yards and you will see your hotel.
The shuttle bus fare is CNY24.

Hi, I have be arriving Beijing Capital Airport (T3) at 3pm on a weekday. how much will the cab fare cost to take me to my hotel at Donghuamen Street? What will be alternate options instead of cab? Thanks!

Reply1/31/2017 10:13:32 PMJane,   Singapore

Sean ( Malaysia ) :2/4/2017 1:49:11 AM

Jane, you can take airport shuttle bus line 13 to Wangfujing Street (family Imperial-Court Hotel) and the bus fare is CNY24. After alighting, take a walk southwards and turn west onto Dong'anmen Street. Head forward for 450 yards and you are at the eastern end of Donghuamen Street.
If you take a cab to Donghuamen Street, the cab fare is CNY100 or so.

We are reaching Beijing International Airport at 11:30PM, & Going to Dong'anmen station (Wancheng Huafu International hotel) Is ther any night Line bus available at this time.

Reply12/23/2016 12:31:01 AMvipul,   India

Ann ( Germany ) :12/23/2016 12:50:22 AM

Vipul, you can take shuttle bus line 3 to BJ International Hotel, then take a taxi to the hotel with a fare of around CNY15.
But you need to hurry, for the last bus leaves the airport at 24:00

Vipul ( India ) :12/23/2016 12:58:33 AM

thanks Ann

vipul ( India ) :12/23/2016 1:02:25 AM

What will be the bus fare for this line3?

Ann :12/26/2016 4:46:02 AM

The bus fare for line 3 is CNY24 to the international hotel.
Oh, Vipul, if you miss shuttle bus line 3, you may take Xidan Night Line at the airport; also alight at international hotel and the fare is still CNY24.

how much time will take with taxi from dawang road to south train station beijing

Reply11/12/2016 4:30:25 AMamos,   Israel

Amy ( Germany ) :11/13/2016 8:36:02 PM

The distance is about 9 miles (14km). It takes about 30 minutes, and the fare is about CNY 40.

Hii will be staying at city inn happy valley beijing. how do i get to west railway station by subway? which line do i need to take? how much the cost if i take taxi?

Reply10/19/2016 2:30:45 AMEsti Liastuti,   Indonesia

Annie ( Australia ) :10/19/2016 9:03:42 PM

Take metro line 7 from Happy Valley Station to West Railway Station. The trip takes about 40 minutes, and the fare is CNY 5. If by taxi, the fare may be around CNY 70 to 80. ;)

What shuttle do I get from PEK to go to Sunworld Dynasty Hotel on Wangfujing Avenue? How much is the price?

Reply4/16/2016 4:46:38 PMjeannette price,   United States

Amy ( Australia ) :4/17/2016 11:34:16 PM

You may take shuttle bus line 13 to the hotel directly. The fare is CNY 24.

nathan shroyer ( United States ) :10/16/2016 6:22:51 PM

My hotel is 600 yards from the Gate of Heavenly Peace. I know bus line 13 gets me close, can you tell me how to find the transport to get closer? Thanks!

Amy ( Australia ) :10/16/2016 9:25:31 PM

Take airport shuttle bus line 13 from PEK to Jinyu Hutong Station. Then, walk east for about 300 yards to Xin Dong An Market Station. Take sightseeing bus line 2 to the square. Or, you may take a taxi to your hotel from Jinyu Hutong for about CNY 15. :)

Hello, Is any shuttle bus or metro from Beijing Capital airport to Tianan Rega HoteL are (Tianan Mansion, Hualong Jie, Nan Heyan Street, Dongcheng)

Reply4/9/2016 1:48:26 AMIlkin,   Azerbaijan

Linda ( Australia ) :4/10/2016 11:31:06 PM

Yes! You can take shuttle bus line 13 from PEK to Wangfujing Street (Sunworld Dynasty Hotel) for CNY 24. Then, take a taxi to the hotel for CNY13.

Or, you may take Airport Express line to Dongzhimen Station. Next, transfer to metro line 2 to Jianguomen Station. Then, change to metro line 1 to Tiananmen East Station, Exit B. Walk east for about 450 yards, and turn left. Then, walk north for about 200 yards to the hotel.

Transportation from Terminal 3 to Badaling Hotspring Resort. What are the options? Also from Badaling to City Inn Hotel? Thanks.

Reply6/16/2015 3:35:22 AMBezalie Uc-Kung,   Philippines

Fenny :6/24/2015 4:41:52 AM

To Badaling Spring Resort: take airport shuttle bus line 4 to Madianqiao stop. Walk to Madianqiao South bus stop to transfer to bus no. 919 to Guishui North Street. Upon getting there, the resort is around 650m away.

About the City Inn Hotel, do you refer to the Happy Valley branch? Will you go to the hotel from the Spring Resort? If so, you can still take bus no. 919 back to Madianqiao South. Then the hotel is around 20km away. Take a taxi to reach exactly at a cost of CNY60 or around.

I am arriving at the Beijing West Railway station. How can I get to the Happy Dragon Hostel? (or near Forbidden city)

Reply4/4/2015 8:35:59 AMBev,   Canada

Kikina :5/25/2015 9:58:30 PM

Take subway line 9 at the West Station to Baishiqiao South. There transfer to line 6 and get off at Dongsi. Leave from exit 4 and you can walk there in 5min.
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