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Tourist buses are a special public service providing a convenience for tourists who want to go directly to scenic spots. The Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch has replaced the former special tourist buses, which were usually designated with the Chinese character '游' prefixing the bus numbers.

 Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch

The 'Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch', set up in September, 2005, is a government-run company which provides special one-day tour package service to many famous attractions in and around Beijing City.

Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch has 2 dispatch centers in the Tiananmen Square and Xuanwu Gate (Xuan Wu Men). The founding of Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch aims to provide a convenient service for tourists to Beijing, and to stop illegal one-day tour package runners. The scope of business of the company covers domestic tourism, tourist passenger transport, bus rentals, and advertising.

 Important Reminder:
You are better off buying tickets inside the ticket office of Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch, so that your will not be cheated by the illegal tourist buses and tour guides.

 Detailed tourist bus information for one-day tour packages
World Cultural Sites Packages (daily)
Departure Time
Departure Place
Badaling, Ding Tomb in the Ming Tombs 

06:30 -10:30 (April 1 to Oct. 15) 
07:00 - 10:30 (Oct. 16 - Mar. 31)

Qianmen Bus Center (southern end of Tiananmen Square)
CNY 160 (admission fees, round-trip tickets, lunch)
Badaling Great wall, summer Palace
Qianmen Bus Center (southern end of Tiananmen Square)
CNY 190 (admission fees, round-trip tickets, lunch)
Badaling Great Wall

06:30-11:00 (April 1 to Oct. 15) 
09:00 - 10:30 (Oct. 16 - Mar. 31)

Qianmen Bus Center (southern end of Tiananmen Square)
CNY 100 (admission fee, round-trip tickets, lunch)

Sightseeing Packages (daily)

Departure Time
& Place
Temple of Heaven, Prince Gong's Mansion, Old Summer Palace (Yuan Ming Yuan) 
09:30 (arrive at the bus center before 09:00)
Arrow Tower of Front Gate
CNY 220 (round-trip-tickets, admission fees, fee for tour guides )
Fragrance Hill, Summer Palace, Central Television Tower
Arrow Tower of Front Gate
CNY 180 (round-trip-tickets, admission fees, fee for tour guides)
Tiananmen Rostrum, Forbidden City, White Tower Temple, Summer Palace
Arrow Tower of Front Gate
CNY 210 (round-trip-tickets, admission fees, fee for tour guides)
Bird' s Nest, Water Cube, Prince Gong's Mansion, Beijing Hutongs, Beihai Park
Arrow Tower of Front Gate
CNY 190 (round-trip-tickets, admission fees, fee for tour guides)

Holiday Tour Packages (available on the weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April 7 to October 15)
Ticket Selling
CNY 60 (round-trip tickets only)
CNY 95 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
Eastern Qing Tombs
(available on April 2 - 4)
CNY 198 (admission fee, round-trip tickets)
Shihua Cave,
Black Dragon Pool (Beijing)
CNY 135 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
CNY 84 (admission fee, round-trip tickets)
Shidu-Gushanzhai Canyon
CNY 100 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
Panshan Mountain in Tianjin
CNY 160 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
Shentang Valley, Yanqi Lake
CNY 120 (admission fee, round-trip tickets)
Shilin Gorge, Jinhai Lake
CNY 145 (admission fee, round-trip tickets)
Songshan Mountain
CNY 110 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
Baicaopan Forest Park
CNY 150 (admission fees, round-trip tickets)
Shenglian Mountain
CNY 105 (admission fee, round-trip tickets)

 Tips for Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch:

1. Ticket Booking:
You can buy tickets for the day before departure time, or make reservation for the next day by telephone.
Telephone Booking: +86 10 83531111

2. Online reservation is also available. You can book a package at the official website of Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch. Only the Sightseeing packages and Holiday Tour Packages can be booked online.

3. Consultation Telephone: + 86 10 8353 1111

4. Dispatch Centers:
Qianmen Bus Center:
To the southwest of Arrow Tower of Front Gate (Qianmen), the southern end of the Tiananmen Square. The bus center is close to the Exit C of Qianmen Subway Station.

Xuanwumen Dispatch Center
Location: the northeast corner of Xuanwumen Crossroads (near the EXit B of Xuanwumen Subway Station)

5. Bus route:
Bus No.9, 67, 212, 301, 337, 673, 808, Te 2, Te 4, Te 7 to Qianmen West, or No.2, 20, 120, 126, 210 to Tiananmen Square West, and then walk to the Tiananmen Dispatch Center.

Bus No.8, 9, 210, 209, 673, 729, 744, Te 2 to Qianmen East, or No.2, 20, 120, 126, 203, 210 to Tiananmen Square East, and then you can walk to the Tiananmen Dispatch Branch Center.

Bus No.7, 15, 67, 212, 808, 826, Te 2,  Te 4, Te 7 to Xuanwumen East, and then you can walk to the Xuanwumen Dispatch Center.

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Comments and Questions

Hi! Just a brief question, is the tour yo Huanghuacheng Great Wall active ir I have to tale 916 public bus?In case of "yes" where is the departure of this bus? Timetables?Thanks for all

Reply8/8/2017 5:21:43 AMVictor,   Spain

Alan :8/13/2017 10:57:37 PM

Sightseeing bus to the wall still exists. You may take it at Dongzhimen Bus Hub on weekends and statutory holidays. It leaves between 8:00 and 9:00. I remember it costs CNY80 including round trip tickets.

Do you know which bus or train goes to the Summer Palace from Sunworld hotel.

Reply7/17/2017 12:32:36 AMVincent Bao,   Australia

Alice ( Canada ) :7/19/2017 7:02:00 PM

Metro can be a good way to go. You may walk from your hotel to Dengshikou station and take line 5 to Huixinxijie Nankou. Then change to line 10 to Haidian Huangzhuang, where it is easy to transfer to line 4. Get off at Beigongmen. Get out from exit D and walk to Summer Palace within 5-8min.

Is there a tour going to Shihua Cave? How long is the bus ride? Thanks.

Reply6/3/2017 12:02:49 PMBelinda,   Canada

Sylvia ( Italy ) :6/5/2017 1:48:44 AM

Belinda, you can take the Fangshan Tourist Bus at the dispatch center near Xuanwumen. It is only available during weekends and holidays. There is only one bus a day, leaving at 8:30 and it takes about 1h to reach Shihua Cave. The bus will also stop at Qinglong Lake, Mt. Shenglian, and Baicaopan Prairie.

Hi, would you be able to send more information on the World Cultural Site Package - B (Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace). Like duration and itinerary etc. Thank you.

Reply1/7/2017 5:33:13 AMJane,   Singapore

Lilian ( Mexico ) :1/9/2017 1:27:04 AM

Jane, the bus departs from Qianmen at 8:00~9:00.
Itinerary: Summer Palace (2h) - lunch time (30min) - Badaling Great Wall (2h) - Bird's Nest & Water Cube (45min)
The price is CNY200 including the entrance tickets of the Summer Palace and Badaling, lunch, and round-trip bus fare.

Jane ( Singapore ) :1/31/2017 9:54:48 PM

Where can I book this tour online?

Philip ( Spain ) :2/4/2017 1:53:12 AM

Hi, you can book the tour on the official website of BJ Hub of Tour Dispatch, but it only has Chinese version. Or you may call at 010-83531111 to consult.

Is the tour Bus to Mutianyu Great wall only on weekends, not during the week?? Do I have to buy the ticket longtime before to be safe??

Reply5/25/2016 6:16:06 AMRobert,Belgium,   Belgium

Sunny ( Canada ) :5/26/2016 5:33:53 AM

I am afraid that the information is out of date. Nowadays, you can take bus line 919 Express from Dongzhimen Station to Huairou Beidajie Station. The buses are available every day from 06:00 to 21:00, and the return buses are available from 4:50 to 18:50. The bus fare is CNY 12. Upon arrival, charter a car to Mutianyu Great Wall for CNY 50-60. You needn't buy the ticket in advance. Just buy the ticket on the spot upon arrival. Don't worry!

Hi, if i am interested in the Badaling Great wall, summer Palace tour, next week can i book or i should just walk in to Qianmen Bus Center on the actual day?

Reply12/6/2015 10:38:46 AMFiona Teo,   Singapore

Shonali :12/8/2015 9:55:05 PM

Booking ahead of time and joining the tour on the spot are both accepted. The exact boarding site is the Tour Dispatch Hub at Qianmen, close to exit C of Qianmen metro station. Nowadays the tourist buses leave between 07:30 - 09:00. If wishing to reserve it, dial the 24h service hotline of the tour hub for a try - 86 010 83531111. Good luck!

I don't see any trips to Sīmătái 司马台. Are there any tourist bus trips to and from Beijing?


Reply3/14/2015 4:00:49 AMBenny Li,   Taiwan, Province Of China

Wendy :3/29/2015 4:39:24 AM

No, there is no tourist bus to this section of Great Wall from BJ.

If i choose route A: Badaling great wall and Ding tomb, and bus departs around 7:00 AM, when will I return to Qianmen? If I want to get back ealier, may i take other route A buses? If not, then how do I get back by other transportation methods?

Reply3/24/2015 4:33:00 AMLily Nguyen,   United States

Johnson :3/29/2015 4:43:34 AM

As I know, it gets back to Beijing around 15:00. If you wanna get back earlier, I'm afraid you have to take other transportation instead of the tourist bus.

I would like to have more information about the Mutianyu tourist bus.
Is it only available on weekends or also from Monday to Friday?
I am travelling to Beijing on July and I would like to go to Mutianyu on a Thursday or Friday (I haven't decide it yet).
I also would like to know if the 95 CNY price per person includes the entrance fee to Mutianyu (which I have read is 45 CNY).
Another important question: The departure time is 8:30. What about the arrival time back in Beijing? How many hours do we have to enjoy Mutianyu on our own?
Next... is this a guided tour? Is a guide included or can we walk free on our own once in Mutianyu?
And last but not least... I understand that the bus does not stop in tourist shops in its way to Mutianyu... isn't it?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Reply6/22/2014 3:13:12 PMD

Bella ( United Kingdom ) :6/25/2014 3:28:44 AM

I have been to the Mutianyu last year and the current touist bus to the place is the Line 867 from Dongzhime Bus Station every day. The bus leaves at 07:00 and 08:30 and returns at 14:00 nd 16:00. The bus ticket is around 16RMB per person excluding the entrance ticket. This bus line is only available from March 15 to November 15. The bus takes around two hours.

Upon reaching there, you need to hire tour guide on your own, because this bus does not provide the tour guide service.

Anyway, hope you can help a nice trip ~

Liliwaty ( Indonesia ) :8/12/2014 3:08:00 AM

Do we need to hire service guided at Mutianyu or we can walk by our own? I am not really interested with history. Just go there to walk around and take picture only.
Also is it safe for single lady traveller to go there?

Juma ( Denmark ) :8/13/2014 9:45:50 PM

Liliwaty, you can see this section Great Wall on your own. Personally, no need to hire a guide.

Juma :8/13/2014 9:55:27 PM

Generally, it is safe to travel there, but as some sections of the wall are dangerous, you'd better have yourself accompanied in case.


I'm wondering which is faster: S-train to Badaling Great Wall or Bus 877? I will be putting up at a hotel near Jishuitan Station, which is near the bus-stop.

Reply5/28/2014 1:45:17 PMHan,   Singapore

Hinda ( Kuwait ) :5/29/2014 2:04:12 AM

Oh, then bus no. 877 is faster and more convenient! Bus duration shall be around an hour and S-train takes around 1h and 20min.
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