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Beijing Travel Tips

Here you can get some practical tips for touring in Beijing. Not only does it inform you about the common knowledge of life in the city, but also provide you with the detailed information-locations, prices and phone numbers of hotels, banks, hospitals as well as the complaints and consultation offices. What is more, the Communication, Laws, Mass Media and Money Matters sections offer some helpful tips for entering and traveling around China, guaranteeing a perfect tour in the city and a wonderful vacation in China to our honorable clients.  

The voltage in Beijing is 220 volts. The toilets in Beijing are a great deal cleaner than before. They are signed with Toilet or WC. Free public toilets can be found at restaurants, supermarkets, internet bars, bus stations, subways, railway stations, and airports, or some scenic spots, yet it is not always the case. For those movable roadside toilets and other private toilets, usually CNY0.5 or CNY1 are charged. Foreigners in China should usually ask for 'WC', as this is understood in most places.

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