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What to Pack for Traveling to China

If you are planning to go to China for traveling, there are some things which must to be packed. Hereunder are some tips on packing just for your reference. Remember that the packing should be light and compact. Leave more space to make your trip comfortable and pleasant.

The Basics

1. Passport & Visa
2. Air tickets to China
3. Emergency Card with your detailed contact information including full name, address, phone number…
4. A guide book with Chinese translation (Beijing Map attached)
5. Money: Traveler's cheques, credit card or cash - cash must be changed for RMB at Beijing Airport; suggest you come to China with a sum of about US$ 2000 (all cash or half cash/half TC); bring with you a debt Card (Visa is a good one – MasterCard is well used too).
6. Use only the ATM of Bank of China and withdraw the maximum every time (to save the tax).
7. A water bottle

8. First-aid, especially protection against leech-bite.


We suggest you pack as few things as possible. Everything necessary can be bought easily in China. Things are not very expensive and the quality is generally good. What kind of clothes you have to pack depends on the season.
In summer: light and comfortable clothes that can be easily washed and dried such as T-shirt, pants…
In winter: Down garment or winter jacket, hat, scarf, gloves…

In spring and autumn: Sturdy, warm and washable clothes, maybe a comfortable jacket, sweater, casual coat…


It all depends on the season. But a good pair of comfortable and waterproof walking shoes, sandals, running shoes, hiking-type boots or maybe dressy shoes (if you plan to be present at some formal occasions) will be necessary.

Other Items

Camera, films and batteries
A knife used to peel fruit
Stationery like pen, notebook…