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Communication in Beijing


Chinese Mandarin is the official language both in Beijing and other cities in China. But like in many other cities, people in Beijing also have their own Beijing Dialect which is closely related to Mandarin.

Telephone Call

There are various options for making international and domestic telephone calls in Beijing and the rest of China, and two basic kinds of phone cards: IP cards and IC cards. These international phone cards can be bought at tobacco shops, supermarkets, hotel lobbies etc. throughout Beijing. Otherwise you can make calls from your hotel room, public phones or telephone bars known as 'Huà ba'.


With the fast development of the computer and internet, you can keep contact easily and conveniently with your families and your friends at anytime by using a computer to get on line. Beijing is no exception. When you come to Beijing for travelling, you can easily find many net bars. The price for you to get on line in Beijing is about CNY3 to CNY10 per hour, depending on the different situation of the facility and environment.

Post Office

The post office in China runs the whole week. The Beijing International Post Office (Tel: 010-65128107) is located in Yabao Lu, Jianguomen Beidajie, Chaoyang District.

Useful Phone Number

Fire Alarm: 119
Police Need: 110
Ambulance: 120
Phone Number Inquiry: 114
Weather Forecast: 12121
EMS Postal Service: 11185
Tour Complain: 010-65275315 (China National Tourism Administration)

Transportation Inquiry
Train Inquiry: 962585
Train Ticket Booking: 962586
International Aviation Inquiry: 962580
Air Ticket Booking: 962581