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China Time and Business Hours

Beijing Standard Time

Beijing Standard Time (BST) is observed in mainland China. Although Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan have their own local times respectively called Hong Kong Time (HKT), Macau Standard Time and Taiwan Standard Time (TST), they are essentially the same as Beijing Standard Time. The time is based on a line of longitude at 120o east, eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and thirteen hours ahead of New York Time.

Golden Time for Beijing Tour

Beijing lies at 39o56' north, 116o21' east, giving the city four distinct seasons. It is burning hot in summer and piercing cold in winter. As sandstorms might occur in the warm spring, autumn is the best time of a year for sightseeing in Beijing. The average annual temperature is 11.8oC/53.2oF. January is the coldest month, July the hottest. January has an average temperature of ­-4.6oC/23.7oF and July 21.6oC/70.9oF. The temperature may sometimes reach 40oC/104oF in July. May is also a good choice, for many international performances are held at that time. May, September and October are the most pleasant time for visiting Beijing.

Also, you can dial 12121 for forecast in both English and Chinese to get the weather information in advance.

Holidays in China

To have a comfortable tour in Beijing and China, it is better to avoid visiting China during the national holidays. The Spring Festival (Usually in January or February), National Day (October 1), and International Labor's Day (May 1) are the three busiest tourist periods. For the three holidays, three public holidays are given, together with two weekends makes a week for the Chinese to relax. In addition, the traditional celebration for Spring Festival is for people away from home to rush back for a family reunion. There are many marvelous and interesting activities during the Spring Festival, but a visit during the holiday needs patience and bravery. Other holidays, such as Youth Day (May 4), International Women's Day and Children's Day would not affect your Beijing trip and China tour.