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Entry Regulations of Beijing

Foreigners with a valid passport, visa and related certificate are required to enter China through designated ports. All persons and personal belongings are subject to quarantine inspection and a frontier inspection upon entering. The quarantine inspection checks for certain sicknesses and diseases in order to prevent possible epidemics, which doesn't pose a problem for most visitors. However, those who come from disease-infected areas are required to present a valid certificate against known diseases in that area. During the frontier inspection, foreigners must present a valid passport, visa and certificate and a completed Entry and Exit Card for approval to enter.

Foreigners forbidden to enter

Those who suffer from a mental illness, leprosy, AIDS, venereal disease and open tuberculosis
Those who have entered the country illegally
Those who have no visa or present an expired visa (visa-exempted travelers are excluded)
Those who are considered a threat to the nation's safety or interests

Articles forbidden to enter

All weapons, including emulating weapons, ammunition and explosive devices
Counterfeit money and securities
Scripts, presswork, rolls of film, photos, discs, films, tapes, video discs (VCD, DVD, LD) and any form of computer storage or media device that attempt to harm China's politics, economy, culture or morals
All poisons, including but not limited to opium, morphine, heroin, bhang and narcotic drugs
Dangerous pathogens, pests, injurious plants and animals as well as their products
Food, medicine and other goods that are dangerous or spread illness or disease

1. On arrival and departure, passengers must present a completed truthful declaration form to the Customs Department. If the declared articles exceed the tax-free limitations, an additional tax, must be paid.
2. There are two 'channels' (lines) in Customs, a Red Channel and a Green Channel. Travelers who are carrying articles requiring duty tax must take the Red Channel. Those carrying duty-free objects should take the Green Channel. Those who are unsure of which channel they must take should also take the Red Channel.