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Lost and Found

What will you do if you lost something during your trip in China? First, try your best to remember when and where you might lose it and go to the suspected areas to have a through check. Then, go to the nearest police station to report the loss and register the details, if no gains on your own. It doesn’t always help, but there is the possibility to regain your things. 

The Lost and Found Service in Beijing is the best in China. It based on all of the local police stations, implementing information sharing through internet. Wherever and whenever you lost something, you can check the information on the website of the Beijing Public Security Bureau to get whether your things have been found or not. You can also dial the 24-hour hot line (010 6204 1111) to have a check or get any help. However, both the online and the hot line services are in Chinese at present, which is hopefully to be improved in future. If you are lucky that your lost things have been found, you can go to the police station or the Lost and Found office to claim them with your valid certificate such as your passport. If you are not able to claim your things in person, you can entrust a third person, but he/she must take your authorization letter and passport.  

24-hour hot line: 010 6204 1111 

Address: No. 1 Xinkang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing