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Exit Regulations of Beijing

When exiting China, foreigners are required to present a valid passport, visa and Exit Registration Card. They must go through frontier inspection, customs inspection, and luggage inspection to leave the country legally.

Foreigners forbidden to exit

Those who present invalid certificates
Those who present a certificate other than their own
Those who present a forged or altered certificate
Those who refuse required checks or inspections
Those who are prohibited from exiting by the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC or the Ministry of State Security of the PRC

Articles forbidden to exit

Those which are prohibited from entering listed in the Entry Regulations Section.
Precious antiques
Endangered animals and plants, their breeding materials, including seeds and other specimens
Scripts, presswork, rolls of film, photos, discs, films, tapes, video discs (VCD, DVD, LD) and any form of computer storage or media device that relates to state secrets

Articles with exit restrictions

 Gold and silver and products made with gold and silver
Foreign Currency and securities, with a maximum of an equivalent value of 5,000 US dollars for one person to carry on
Transceivers and Communication Secrecy Machines
Rare Chinese crude drugs and patent medicine produced using these crude drugs
China's currency, with a maximum of CNY 20,000 for one person to carry on
Common antiques must be accompanied with the original invoice, a cultural relics exit license and an official red seal stamp. All antiques without the above mentioned paperwork must be properly identified by the Department of Cultural Ministry with offices found in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou.

1. On arrival and departure, passengers must present a completed truthful declaration form to the Customs Department. If the declared articles exceed the tax-free limitations, an additional tax, must be paid.
2. There are two 'channels' (lines) in Customs, a Red Channel and a Green Channel. Travelers who are carrying articles requiring duty tax must take the Red Channel. Those carrying duty-free objects should take the Green Channel. Those who are unsure of which channel they must take should also take the Red Channel.