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Mass Media in Beijing


China Daily, the only national English-language newspaper in China, is issued from Monday to Saturday with a Sunday edition-Business Weekly each week in Beijing. Like all other newspapers, China Daily has the usual sections including Home News, International News, and News on business, travel, sports and so on. You can buy it easily at newsstands across Beijing.


China Radio International (CRI) was founded on December 3rd, 1941, aiming at promoting understanding and friendship between the people of China and people throughout the world. It is the only national broadcasting station that broadcasts to the world. Now CRI broadcasts 290 hours of programs each day to all over the world in 43 languages. The programs include news, current affairs, and special topics on politics, economy, culture, science and technology. CRI Online is an official news website launched by CRI, on December 26th, 1998.


Now in China, there are 16 channels of CCTV and CCTV-9 (CCTV International) is the first channel that broadcast in a non-native language. All the programs are broadcasted in English for 24 hours, providing the service for the English audience anywhere in the world. CCTV-9 promptly, accurately, objectively, fully and evenly reports the current news and the significant events in China and other parts of the world and introduces Chinese history, geography, culture, natural scenery and so on.

CCTV E&F is a news channel broadcasting for 24 hours, reporting the news from a Chinese perspective, showing modern China with the content that foreigners are interested in. Through this window, CCTV E&F helps Spanish- and French-speaking peoples understand China and know more about the world. It is the third international channel that CCTV launched, and it represents a great technological leap for the Chinese media.

CCTV-4, launched on October 1, 1992, is the only channel in Chinese broadcasting to the whole world. Its target audience is the global Chinese people. The channel takes the news as the main content and also gathers other kinds of programs. The news is beamed 24 hours daily, giving Chinese people a broad view the whole world. Again, as a comprehensive channel, CCTV-4 also has the programs on special topics, documentary, art and literature, TV plays and so on and provides omni-directional information and the entertainment to meet all tastes. CCTV-4 is reputed as 'the spiritual home for Chinese audience overseas'.