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The following are some of the excellent hospitals in Beijing:
Beijing Hospital
No.1 Dongdan Dahua Lu, Dongcheng District
Telephone Exchange:010-65132266
Hot Service Line: 010-65282171
China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Yinghuayuan Xijie, Chaoyang District
Telephone Exchange:010-642221122
Hot Service Line: 010-64222949
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Dongdan Beidajie, Dongcheng District
Beijing Tongren Hospital
No.1, Dong Jiao Min Xiang, Dongcheng District
Peking University First Hospital
No.8, Xishiku Dajie, Xicheng District
Beijing Friendship Hospital
No.95, Yong'an Lu, Xuanwu District
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital
No. 8, Baijiazhuang Lu, Chaoyang District
Beijing Xuanwu Hospital
No.45, Changchun Jie, Xuanwu District
Beijing Youan Hospital
No.8, Xitou Tiao, You An Men Wai, Fengtai District
Beijing Emergency Medical Center
No.103, Qianmen Xidajie, Beijing
010-66098114 or emergency call: 120
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Comments and Questions

I want address of Aerospace hospital in Beinjing China Dr.Wang who cures Diabetic

Reply6/15/2014 2:19:53 AMMoza Al Afifi,   Oman

Oman ( Italy ) :6/18/2014 2:00:34 AM

Hi, do you mean the Aerospace Central Hospital?
If so, the hospital's address is No. 15, Yuquan Road, Haidian District.
As for a specific doctor, you are suggested to go to the hospital for consulting.

I need to buy some material for orthoptic practice in Beijing. Any idea for me to go and find a box of prisms and a Berens vertical prism bar?
Many thanks in advance for your help!

Reply2/14/2014 7:46:15 AMMa,   France

where is Beijing no 2 hospital
is it dong cheng district or
chaoyang district

Reply1/14/2014 10:13:54 AMulf

does this hospital charge for x-ray services

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

Reply2/15/2011 6:23:00 AMalvina,   United States

Hellen :2/15/2011 9:42:00 PM

yes, of course.

we need the address of the Central Hospital of China, Aerospace Corporation

Reply11/21/2010 7:00:00 AMkhalid,   Syrian Arab Republic

Yao ( China ) :11/21/2010 9:40:00 PM

hi, it is at No. 15 Yuquan Road, haidian District, Beijing.

What hospital is closest to The Ritz Carlton Beijing, financial street

Reply10/14/2009 2:54:00 PMnat,   China

Fang Fu Chen ( China ) :10/14/2009 9:32:00 PM

You are in Chaoyang District. So the nearest hospital should be Chaoyang Hospital.

Seeking for Hospital in Beijing for treat Amylophytic Lateral Scelrosis (ALS)case. Please advise me and looking for your help.

Reply8/3/2009 3:13:00 AMDr. Zuhair Salman Al-Dallal,   Bahrain