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Lianhuachi Park

The Lianhuachi Park is very close to the Beijing West Railway Station, and is located at the junction of Xuanwu District, Fengtai District and Haidian District. With an area of 44.6 hectares (110 acres), the park is a modern garden and is well-known for its splendid lotus scenery.

The park was built on the site of a place of historical interest-the Lotus Pond. The pond is regarded as the birthplace of the city of Beijing, and bears a history of over 3,000 years. The capital of the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) was built to the southwest of the Lotus Pond in 1153 and the pond provided most of water for the capital at that time. Therefore, the park is of great significance for studying the location and landscape of the ancient capital of the Jin Dynasty.

The park is exquisite, elegant and classical, where pavilions, rockeries, ponds, bridges, stones, fragrant flowers, luxuriant grass and trees are built and planted. On the both sides of the biggest pond, there are verdant Chinese pines, cedars, ginkgos, locust trees, white waxes, and magnolia trees. About 80,000 lotuses with 250 species or so are planted in the clear pond. The most stunning is the lotus scenery. In summer, all kinds of lotus flowers are in full bloom as if they are competing for the most beautiful title. As an ancient poem wrote: 'The Lotus leaves stretch to the sky a boundless green; the lotus flower in sunlight with unusual red to glow'. A breeze ripples with the surface of the hectares of the Lotus Pond, which forms a wonderful picture. A delicate white marble statue stands at the bank of the pond, telling a beautiful love tale between a Lotus-flower Fairy and Lotus-root Man. Next to the pond, there is an outdoor theatre with a stage in a 'T' style and music fountains pools on both sides. The pools are full of water lilies blooming different floral colors of summer.

Besides the lotus scenery, there are many activities to join and scenery to enjoy in the park. For example, the Exercising Square, Outdoor Dancing Area, Fishing Area, Children's Playground, Peacocks and Drovers' Garden, a lotus Propagation Place, Wind and Lotus Pavilion. Every year, the park will hold a quite traditional temple fair, making the park an ideal place to enjoy the Chinese folk arts and food.

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Bus Route:
1, 4, 50, 323, 324, 845, 964, 937 Zhi (937支), Te 2 (特2) to Liuliqiao Beili (六里桥北里), and then go northwards about 200 meters to the west gate of the Lianhuachi Park (莲花池公园).
6, 38, 57, 122, 201, 340 368, 620, 704, 715, 719, 830 to Lianhuachi (莲花池), and then go to the east gate of the Lianhuachi Park through the South Square of Beijing West Railway Station.

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