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Zizhuyuan Park

For visitors who are fond of bamboo and wide waters, Zizhuyuan (Purple Bamboo) Park is hard to beat. West of the Capital Gymnasium in Haidian District, this park is renowned for its bamboo scenery. Three lakes, filled with lotus blossoms, occupy one third of the area. They are connected with two islets by five arch bridges. Pavilions, corridors and bridges hide in the tall bamboo all across the park.

Since Zizhu in Chinese means purple bamboo, visitors may eagerly want to see this species of bamboo. Among the diverse bamboo stock, such as mottled bamboos, purple bamboos, fishpole bamboos, by far the most common in the park is the purple bamboo. Every year, people crowd to the Bamboo Culture Festival held from April to June. And once, there was a Zizhuyuan Temple on the north bank of the biggest lake, hence the park's name.

Entering the park, visitors find themselves in a bamboo world: the entrance, tables and chairs are made of bamboo; even the bridges and pavilions are decorated with bamboo. A grand Dai-style bamboo bridge lets visitors see how the Dai people find shelter from the rain. Slowly revolving bamboo waterwheels; visitors dancing the eerie 'bamboo dance'; actors performing on a bamboo stage-all of these give you a glance of southern China's Dai culture. Stores along the lake bank also sell fancy bamboo craft works.

With all these in the limelight, you might overlook the treasures still in the shadows. In the north of the park, there is enchanting and quiet Yunshi Garden. A hexagonal pavilion, an elaborate courtyard and bamboos disperse in picturesque disorder, harmonizing with the gentle slope and artificial hills in this garden. Visitors can also find additional pavilions on the two islets. The pavilion in the south islet provides a whole view of the park while at the edge of the north islet stands a double-storey waterside pavilion.

In summer, floating down the river and enjoying the delectable aroma of fragrant lotus blossoms is a marvelous way to relax. And nowadays, the Zizhuyuan Park is open to visitors for free, allowing more people to enjoy the bamboo scenery.

Admission Fee:
Opening Hours:
May 1-September 30
October 1-April 30
Bus Route:
114, 118, 206, 211, 334, 347, 360, 362, 482, 601, 714, 804, 809, Te 5 to Zizhuyuan Nanmen, and then you could walk to the Zizhuyuan Park.