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Beijing Zoo MapBeijing Zoo is on Xizhimenwai Street (Xizhimenwai Dajie), in the downtown Beijing area of Xicheng District. With an area of 90 hectares (222 acres), it ranks the largest zoo in China. It is also the earliest Chinese zoo open to the public and has the largest variety of animals of all the zoos in China. The zoo has fostered a good relationship with other zoos in over fifty countries and districts. Animals that are presented to China by other countries and celebrities are bred and can be seen here.

The zoo now has around 600 different species of animal, with the total number of all animals amounting to over 5,000. There are dedicated houses for pandas, hippos, rhinoceros, giraffes, elephants, amphibians, reptiles, golden monkeys, orangutans, otters and other animals. In the two-storey house for amphibians and reptiles, visitors may see Yangtze alligators, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles, snakes and pythons. The magnificent and attractive Beijing Aquarium situated at the north end of the zoo is the biggest inland one in Asia, allowing people to explore the spectacle of the sea world.

There are also man-made hills for monkeys, bears, lions, tigers and special zones for beasts, pheasants, and deer, and Australian and African animals. Living at Bear Hill in the northeast corner of the zoo are white bears and black bears. A landmark building of the zoo, the Liger Hill, is inhabited by African lions, Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, jaguars, and panthers. Behind the Liger Hill, Amur leopards, clouded leopards, snow leopards and lynxes show their inherent savagery. The Pheasant Center near the south gate to the zoo displays winged wildlife, such as cobalt-winged parakeets, bustards and condors.

The zoo has a history of over 100 years, and a few historical sites can be found, some of which are used as display halls. The Changguan Hall, built as Xanadu in 1908, is a two-storey building in the European style, yet it isn't open to the public. In addition to the animals, visitors can also appreciate the peonies in a peony garden.

CNY 15
Entrance Fee
CNY 20
including Entrance Fee and Panda House
CNY 40 including Entrance Fee, Cruise Ship and Panda House
CNY 130 including Entrance Fee, Beijing Aquarium and Panda House
Opening Hours
April - October
November - March
Beijing Aquarium 09:00 - 17:30
Bus Route
7, 27, 45, 102, 105, 107, 111, 206, 206, 209, 319, 347, 362, 601, 632, 634, 714, 716, 732, 808, 814, 904 to Dongwuyuan (Beijing Zoo, 北京动物园)

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Comments and Questions

I am staying at the Mercure Wangshand Beijing. Do you have a transfer to the zoo from the hotel on Dec 21, 2019 at 7:00 AM? Or how can I get there by subway?

Reply12/15/2019 8:54:53 AMClaudia Mion,   United States

Alma ( Australia ) :1/7/2020 1:08:03 AM

From your hotel, walk northwest around 950 meters to get to Bajiaoyou Park Station. Take metro line 1 to Xidan and transfer to metro line 4 Daxing Line to the Zoo Station.

I will be staying at Holiday Inn Express Shangdi Beijing. How would I get to the zoo

Reply9/20/2019 5:39:38 AMlinnet,   United States

Cedric ( Ireland ) :9/26/2019 11:07:36 PM

Take metro line 13 from Shangdi Station to Xizhimen Station and transfer to metro line 4 to the Zoo Station, Exit C1. Afterwards, walk to the scenic area.

Will be staying at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, What is the easiest way to get to Beijing zoo (bus or train) Also is it possible to route back via the Bird's Nest.Thank you in advance

Reply9/15/2019 3:19:50 AMJo,   United Kingdom

Cian ( Finland ) :9/26/2019 11:10:43 PM

From Sunworld Dynasty Hotel to the zoo: Take bus no.111 from Dengshixikou to the zoo directly.
From the zoo to the Bird's Nest: Take metro line 4 to Xizhimen and transfer to line 2 to Gulou Street. Then take metro line 8 to Olympic Sports Center, Exit B2. Afterwards, walk north around 800 meters to find the destination.

Can you give me subway directions from Vision hotel please? Also how far is the Summer Palace from the zoo?

Reply8/26/2019 9:09:38 AMNancy,   United States

Jayden ( China ) :9/10/2019 8:21:14 PM

Walk south around 650 meters to get to Xitucheng Station. Take metro line 10 to Haidian Huangzhuang Station and transfer to metro line 4 to Zoo Station, Exit C1. Walk to the zoo directly.

Hi how can we go to Beijing Zoo?Our hotel is Novotel Peace Beijing. thanks

Reply8/8/2019 11:31:15 PMrosemarie,   Italy

Tina ( Canada ) :8/14/2019 7:26:28 PM

You can take metro line 5 from Dengshikou Station to Yonghegong Station and transfer to metro line 2 to Xizhimen Station. Take metro line 4 to Dongwuyuan Station, Exit C1. After arriving, walk northeast around 300 meters to find the destination.

Hi. We’re visiting on July. May I know what is the best way from Bestay Hotel Express, nearest MRT is Tiantan East. Thanks!

Reply5/24/2019 8:55:11 PMVal,   Philippines

Amy ( Mexico ) :6/5/2019 8:41:15 PM

Take metro line 7 to Caishikou Station and transfer to metro line 4 to Dongwuyuan Station, Exit A. Afterwards, walk north around 200 meters to find the destination.

Hi, we are planning to visit the zoo on Friday 31 May. We are staying at Beijing Prime Hotel. What would be the best way to get there? Thank you

Reply5/23/2019 11:34:34 PMKalyn,   Australia

Sophia ( France ) :6/5/2019 8:43:14 PM

The distance is not far. Thus for your convenience, you are suggested to take a taxi to the zoo.
In general, the fare is CNY 30 to 40.

Hi, I am staying at Best Western OL hotel and would like to visit to Beijing zoo and aquarium in June.How long it takes for us to reach by taxi and how much it costs? or metro subway will be more convenience?

Reply5/20/2019 9:53:44 PMChristine Lee,   Malaysia

Cissy ( Thailand ) :6/5/2019 8:46:01 PM

Yes, taking a taxi is a recommended way. It takes around 20 to 30 mins. The fare is CNY 40 to 50.

Hi I will be in Beijing and would like to visit the zoo and see the pandas on April 22, 2019 what is the best way to get to the zoo we are staying at the Ritan Hotel downtown (#1 Ritan Road Chaoyang district) What kind of waiting time to get tickets our plan is to arrive at 9am Please provide any additional information Thanks kindly jutta

Reply4/8/2019 1:30:09 PMJutta beekmann,   Canada

Amy ( Armenia ) :4/9/2019 12:53:55 AM

You can take subway line 2 from Chaoyangmen station to Xizhimen and transfer to Subway Line 4 and get off at Dongwuyuan (Beijing Zoo) Station. Get out from Exit B and you can see the south gate of the zoo.

Hi,I will be in beijing next week end and i would like to visit zoo on sunday. I will stay at shangri la hotel. What is most convenient way to go and time (as weekend may be crowded). Regards

Reply1/6/2019 3:18:15 PMStef,   Singapore

Nick :1/9/2019 11:38:05 PM

You can try to take city bus 632/347/360 from Beiwalu station to Beijng zoo station. The duration would be 40 minutes.
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