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Kangxi Grassland

Covering an area of about 5,270 acres, Kangxi Grassland is Beijing's biggest grassland. Situated to the west of Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing County, it is sandwiched between Haituo Mountain and Guanting Reservoir. In the summer it is a good place for an outing, due to the cooler temperature found here.

The Kangxi Grassland is celebrated for superb scenery and large number of sheep and cattle. From late spring to summer, the grass begins to revives, like a cushion stretching out as far as one can see; innumerable flowers bloom, as if they are competing with each other for beauty. With the rising and falling sound of songs, horses dash in the scattering of Mongolian style yurts, sheep and cattle sport leisurely over the land. Owing to its geographical position, the grassland has a distinctive flavor with a perfect harmony of mountain, water, grass and animals.

The vast grasslands here offer a wide range of activities: horse riding, camel riding, boating, fishing, skating, and some more. Horse riding is the most attractive. The grasslands have the biggest racecourse in China and a standard racetrack as well. Large quantities of sturdy horses, wild or gentle, are kept here for riding. The staff of horsemanship club can help in choosing a horse and professional riding trainers offer training for tourists. Boating and fishing offer tourists a picturesque view of the lake and the hills. In winter, the nearby Wild Duck Lake is frozen, providing a natural place for skating.

The grasslands themselves are abundant with plants and animals. There are more than 50 kinds of grass beings, including alfalfa and wild chrysanthemum, and over 10 species of wild life, ranging from fox to hare. Besides, there are about 20 kinds of birds, like the wild duck, wild goose, and some others. Occasionally, swans fly out of the grass, adding vitality to this paradise.

At night, tourists can sit around the bonfire, having a party and barbecuing, and dancing around the fire. Spending a night in the well-appointed Mongolian style yurts, and enjoying such rural life are great delights.

Admission Fee:
CNY 30
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
919 Zhi (Deshengmen-Kangxi Grassland)