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Taipingyang Underwater World

Beneath the Central Radio and TV Tower in Haidian District, is the mysterious Taipingyang Underwater World. Hundreds of rare freshwater fishes and marine life forms are bred in the aquarium. An 80-meter long transparent tunnel is the principal aspect of the underwater world. Standing on the automatic walkway gives visitors a perfect view of the aquarium. The rich-colored coral reef and swimming shoal around make visitors feel they are at the bottom of the sea.

In the Penguin House, adorable Humboldt Penguins from Peru live happily with their family. Humboldt Penguins are endangered, but with the professionals' care, the family is gradually growing. The small pond area is alive with precious tropical freshwater fish and colorful coral fish. In the touching area, visitors brave enough can even touch the sharks or other selected halobios.

In the performance area, you can watch wonderful performances played by two cute seals. They play with balls and rings; even kiss their trainer! Visitors can also watch the trainer feed the ferocious sharks. Divers show how to use diving equipment underwater and guide interested visitors to turtles and sharks in the deep water.

Facilities like an undersea western restaurant, a computer center and a dynamic movie theater perfect this underwater world. You can use the computers for free to research your favorite animal before visiting. After enjoying the animals, you can watch a breathtaking dynamic film or dine in the western restaurant. With flicking candlelight, pleasant music and delicious food, this restaurant is the first one in China underwater.

Paying a visit to the Taipingyang Underwater World gives visitors a totally new feeling after seeing many historical sites of interest in Beijing.

Admission Fee:
CNY 85 for adults; CNY 55 for kids
Opening Hours:
09:00-17:30 (Monday to Thursday)
08:30-23:00 (Friday to Sunday)
Bus Route:
40, 323, 368, 374, 394, 437, 624, 631, 704, 711, 733, 811, 836, 944, 968 to Hangtian Qiaonan, then you could walk to the Taipingyang Underwater World.