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Pearl Lake

In the north of Mentougou District, lies the Pearl Lake, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Beijing. The long narrow lake is named for the large quantities of oysters in its waters. Sited in the middle section of Guanting Gorge, this typical high-water lake has an elevation of 400 meters (1,312 feet). Covering an area of over 8,500 hectares (21,004 acres), this pleasant area is blessed with beautiful lakes and magnificent mountains. The most famous railway arch bridge in Asia is stretched across the lake, providing an extraordinary sight.

Enclosed by the Taihang Mountains, the scenic area has a temperate climate and picturesque waters. Seen from mid-air, the stunning and sparkling Pearl Lake is like a bright pearl in the lofty mountains. The graceful water is pellucid green, smooth as glass. If a puff of breeze comes, the lake ripples gently with sparkles of light on the surface. On both banks, the innumerable peaks assume various fanciful shapes, giving a splendid view of the canyon.

Along the lake, many wonderful natural scenery spots display the lake and its banks, with numerous islands of remarkable shape. A part of the ancient Great Wall commands a glimpse of the world-famous wonder. Some bridgeheads built by the Japanese during the War of Resistance against Japan still remain. A nearby village with more than 100 almond trees presents enchanting flowers in spring.

The scenic area is delightfully cool in summer. Either rowing or splashing in the water will entrance you in this beautiful scenery. Numerous fish and shrimp in the lake afford a splendid opportunity to fishing lovers to fully display their skills. A good catch cooked on the spot serves you an excellent meal.

Entrance Charge
CNY 20  
The fees for boating vary between CNY 30 to 50 per person according to the types of boats.
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
929 Zhi (929支) from the west of Pingguoyuan Subway Staytion (地铁苹果园西), and get off at Zhenzhuhu Lukou (珍珠湖路口), and then you could walk to the Pearl Lake (珍珠湖).

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