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Yingshan Forest Park

In Lujing Village, Changxindian Town, Fengtai District lies the Yingshan Forest Park. At a distance of 15 kilometers (9.3 miles), it is the nearest forest park from Beijing City. The park has a varied terrain with mountain areas, slopes, valleys and peaks. Relying on such an advantageous location, the park is the first orienteering area in Beijing and enjoys wide popularity.

Covering a vast area, the appealing place has hundreds of thousands of plants. In spring, the park welcomes tourists with its fresh green leaves and bright flowers. In summer, the multi-level woods offer a natural summer resort. If one wants to appreciate the fascinating red leaves in autumn, this enchanting park does not pale in comparison with the famous Fragrant Hills Park and the pleasant Badachu Park. In winter, it is a bewitching picture of snowy world.

Large quantities of macaques and many rare animals such as spotted deer, peacock, and guinea-fowl are kept in the forest park. Additionally, there are small animals like squirrels, hares, and pheasants, and tourists can feed them. In the park, tens of thousands of date trees were grafted on wild jujube trees for tourists to pick the fruit in autumn.

The park is the first orienteering area in Beijing. In the sport of orienteering, the participant uses a compass and an accurate map. He chooses his own course, but must visit in order every control marked on the map. The one who finishes the task in the shortest time is the winner. It is a kind of sport full of interests, competition, cooperation and communication. Tourists to this park who want to participate in orienteering should contact the park staff who will provide the map.

There are other special spots and delicious local foods, including Beijing roast duck, instant-boiled mutton, and desserts. With its fresh air, pleasant environment and improved facilities, this park should not be missed!

Entrance Charge
CNY 35 per person
Opening Hours:
07:00-19:00 (summer)
08:00-17:00 (winter)
Line 1 to Guchenglu (古城路), and then take bus No. 327 or 385 to Lujing (芦井), and then take a taxi to the park.
Bus Route
310 or 624 to Huaishuling (槐树岭), and then take bus No. 327 to Lujing (芦井), and then take a taxi to the Yingshan Forest Park (鹰山森林公园).

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Comments and Questions


I was wondering if there are controls (check points) marked in the terrain for running orienteering (in the beggining of april)?

If I would want to run an orieneering course, where can I buy the map?

Best regards!

Reply3/16/2010 9:04:00 AMDaniel Wernersson,   Sweden