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Lingshan Mountain

The Lingshan Mountain, with an elevation of over 2,300 meters (7,546 feet), is the highest mountain in Beijing and it has the reputation as 'Beijing's Mount Everest'. About 120 kilometers (75 miles) from downtown Beijing, it lies in the northwest of Mentougou District. The superb natural scenic area is renowned for its magnificent mountain peaks, a vast area of alpine meadow, and a rich resource of animals and plants. In the south the mountain faces the beautiful Baihua Mountain, and is close to the grand Longmen Gully in the east.

This area awaits you with tempting scenery of plateau and grassland. The vast alpine meadows resemble a green carpet covering the mountain top. There are 825 acres of woods and more than 800 varieties of plants. As the elevation of the mountain changes, the vegetations vary from Siberian cold area plants to warm temperature zone vegetations. Clove, azalea, wild rose, hazel and birch could be seen here. The flowers are in full bloom in June; wreath goldenrods grow luxuriantly, and wild poppy, lovely bristle grass, bright tropaeolum cover the mountain slope.

Over 700 kinds of animals harmoniously cohabit this natural environment. Tourists will easily find spot foxes, flocks of berghaan, active squirrels, stirring hares, eating wild goats and many other animals, and some lucky tourists may see the rare brown-eared pheasants. You should be aware of the wild boars running about. The alpine meadow at an elevation of over 1,900 meters (6,234 feet) is the only farm in Beijing for yak, Xinjiang fine wool sheep, and Yili horse, a kind of sturdy horse.

The picturesque mountain offers heaven in sweltering summer and an ideal ski place in winter. In July and August, a special Tibetan folklore festival is held to fully display Tibetan life. During this period, tourists can enjoy the Tibetan-style songs and dances, campfires, shooting, tug-and-wars, yak races and other sports. And they can taste the original sasanqua, tsamba, milk tea, barbecue and other Tibetan foods, and buy Tibetan traditional craftworks and precious medicine materials like aweto.

Entrance Charge
CNY 35
Cable Car
CNY 80 (round-trip)
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
929 Zhi (929支) to Shuangtangjian (双塘涧), and then take a taxi to the Lingshan Mountain (灵山自然风景区).

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Comments and Questions

Is the hiking trail of Lingshan Mountain well marked? How easy if we hike ourselves?

Reply5/21/2017 7:16:42 AMChloe,   China

Lilian ( France ) :5/21/2017 11:51:16 PM

I heard there is a stairway reaching to the top. You may go along the stone steps to avoid getting lost. You can also find a local guide to show you around. Make sure you get down before the sunset.

can we do camping at Beijing Lingshan Mountain.we want to camp here for two nights.

Reply6/14/2015 5:37:24 AMdamith,   Sri Lanka

Sarah :6/24/2015 4:43:39 AM

Yes, you can camp there. It actually is one of the best places for camping in Beijing. But it can be cold at night. Do prepare warm clothes in case.

Wanting information about this hike and the area for either tomorrow or new years day. how far away is the mountain from inner beijing? we would be traveling from beixinqiao and lama temple area. Thanks!

Reply12/24/2014 5:46:16 AMAlyssa Winchester,   China

Sara :12/27/2014 9:31:15 PM

This mountain is around 122km from Beijing downtown. It shall be a little far for hiking.