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Longmen Gully

Longmen Gully is located in Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) west of Beijing. It is characterized by natural beauty, historical relics, and religious culture.

A wide variety of natural beauty can be seen here: the imposing gully itself, the graceful hills, the elegant spring, and the sheer waterfall. The scenic area is rich in flora and fauna, with more than 700 species of wild life, ranging from pheasants to flying squirrels, and about 840 varieties of plants, some of which are sources for traditional Chinese medicines. A fantastic Karst landscape, which is rare in Northern China, can also be seen here. Precisely because of its omniform canyons, various gullies and grand stone forests, it referred to as 'Northern China's geological museum'.

The gully has very pleasant climate. Throughout the year, the air is clean and fresh and considered as 'sweet and enjoyable, gladdening to the heart and refreshing to the mind'. The relaxing sound of the ceaseless running of the spring water is said to relieve the tiredness of a long journey. The spring water, rich in natural minerals, is of good quality and is suitable for drinking. In spring, everything is full of vigor and vitality. In summer, the temperature here is much lower than that in the urban district, naturally, it is an ideal summer resort away from the intense heat. The autumn arrives with clear sky and crisp air; while in winter, the icy streams, the frozen waterfall, along with the silvery world, form a charming picture.

Longmen Gully contains the Grand Canyon, the Ghost Valley, and the Midair Temple in West Beijing. Each of them has their distinguishing features. The Grand Canyon has steep and towering cliffs. With countless twists and turns through the range of hills, the canyon resembles a dragon with imposing magnificence, forming a most marvelous spectacle. The Ghost Valley is mystical with many unexplainable phenomena. As for the Midair Temple in West Beijing, it was built in 1621. Being surrounded by green and luxuriant cypress, the temple stands above the cliffs, providing a panoramic view of the scenic area.

The best time to come to Longmen Gully is from May to November. The vacation villages in the gully provide barbecues, some other delicious local foods and various activities.

Admission Fee:
Longmen Gully:
CNY 35
Ghost Valley:
CNY 25
Midair Temple:
CNY 15
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
929 Zhi from the west of Pingguoyuan Subway Station to Qingshuizhen Zhengfu, then take a small bus to the Longmen Gully.