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Hu Dong Shui Valley

In Huangsongyu Village of Pinggu District, visitors will find a picturesque place, the Hu Dong Shui Valley, which is approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) away from Beijing. Covering an area of 900 hectares (2,224 acres), the scenic area is located in a long canyon. It is near the majestic Jingdong Grand Canyon, and the charming Jinhai Lake.

Here, many lakes lie in the canyon, where there are caves and eternal springs in the grand mountains. This is how the scenic area got the name Hu Dong Shui (lake-cave-water). The valley is characterized by grotesque peaks, an imposing and serene canyon, graceful waters, mysterious caves, and some historical sites.

Proceeding along the riverside path, the visitor will encounter a white decorated archway standing high above the confluence with another river. On the left of the path there is a natural stone which resembles a statue of a Buddhist Arhat. Not far from the stone are towering peaks to either side where the distance between them is reduced to just 12 meters (39 feet). Standing by the clear pool which is enclosed by the cliffs, one can catch a glimpse of the sky.

In this deep valley, the most majestic sight is a steep stairway with some 800 steps at a pitch 45 degrees. In fact, it is so steep and so close to the vertical that it appears to reach the sky. A strange 'echo cave' may be found in the valley. The 'echo cave' itself does not echo, but if one makes sounds in an opposite cave, they are clearly duplicated in the 'echo cave'. How interesting!

Numerous swallows flock together to nest each summer on Yanchi Cliff (Yanchi means 'swallow wings'). On the top of the mountain there is an ancient temple. Here too is a historical spot known as the 'General Cave' where the sick and wounded received effective treatment in wartime.

Admission Fee:
CNY 30
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
918 (Dongzhimen-Pinggu) (东直门外-平谷汽车站), and then take a small bus to the Hu Dong Shui Valley (湖洞水自然风景区).

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