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Laoxiangfeng Scenic Area

The scenic spot gets its name Laoxiangfeng ('Old Elephant Peak'), for a natural huge peak resembling an elephant that lies in the area. Covering a total area of about 4,800 hectares (11,860 acres), the scenic area is located in Xiaoyuzi Village, Dahuashan Town, Pinggu County, and it is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from downtown Beijing.

Among thick woods, the distinctive Old Elephant Peak rises sheer from a valley, forming a peculiar image of the area. This peak resembles an elephant: it is about 50 meters (164 feet) high and over 80 meters (265 feet) long; the head, the trunk, the legs, the tail, and even the eyes are life-like. The elephant faces west, as if it is bending down for drinking. It is a wonder that, seen from another position, the peak looks like two conjoined elephants. The mother elephant faces west, while the baby elephant faces east; they depend on and accompany each other. It is truly marvelous!

The natural steep and precipitous cliffs in the scenic spot are strange and magnificent. They look like majestic layers of bricks and walls built by mankind. Although these wonderful cliffs are thought to be ancient city walls, no one knows their exact origin. In the east of the scenic area, lies a square and upright peak which takes the shape of an ancient fortress. In the morning or after the rain, the peak is shrouded round by a white haze of mist. Such an imaginary mirage easily gives visitors the illusion of a mysterious fairyland.

The precipitous gorges, the wandering paths, the magnificent mountains, and the extravagant vegetation are of primitive simplicity and free from embellishment. The deep and serene woods have many species of trees, and they are encircled by gigantic ancient vines. A picturesque lake appears as an emerald in the area; the water, the mountains and the trees set each other off beautifully, making a natural Chinese brush drawing. Each of these superb sights offers a beautiful and mythical environment.

In summer and autumn, the chrysanthemum valley presents the blooming flora, while the large orchard offers a blaze of flowers and rich fruits.

Admission Fee:
CNY 20
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
918 (Dongzhimenwai-Guanzhuang Daokou) (东直门外-官庄道口), then take a small bus No. 5 to the Laoxiangfeng Scenic Spot (老象峰景区).

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