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Baiwangshan Forest Park

The Fragrant Hills Park is of great renown for the scarlet splendor of its trees during the fall. Also, Baiwangshan Forest Park, 3 kilometers north of the famous Summer Palace, offers an excellent view of enchanting red leaves in autumn. Situated in Haidian District, this park occupies an area of more than 130 hectares (320 acres), with some 95 percent covered by various plants and trees.

Each autumn the mountain is beautifully decorated with splendid red foliage. The common smoke tree is the main species, while the intoxicating red leaves on the torch trees resemble countless burning torches on the mountain. Here, the autumnal shades are special for several reasons. The park has a great variety of trees, including a large quantity of mature maples. Besides, the geographical location of the park offers a superb habitat for these trees.

After the first frost in September, the red leaves will be even more charming. Sauntering through the enchanting park, you will feel as if you are wreathed in a red mist. While seen from a pavilion located on the mountain peak, the red leaves look like numerous unfolding umbrellas. If you come just at sunset, the bewitching red leaves make a fine contrast with the glow of the setting sun.

Along the slope of the mountain, vast stone forests come into view with stele pavilions, stele corridors, and poetry walls. Roaming on this land of rich artistic features, one can appreciate over 1,000 pieces of work by Chinese leaders, reputed public figures and noted artists. Among them, a stele pavilion was built in 1993 in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Chairman Mao. The white marble tablet in the pavilion bears Chairman Mao's inscriptions on both sides.

A memorial hall in the park tells the story of over 200 revolutionary martyrs, and has a collection of precious photos, and letters of the forerunners. Besides, there are other places of historical interest, as a Sh'e Temple, which is in memory of an outstanding heroine in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

The park also offers tourists various activities, like rock-climbing, orienteering, and a music bar on the top of the mountain. Twelve different rock-climbing routes, ranging from easy to difficult, provide for the enjoyment of those who love this sport.

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330, 633, 716, 718, 752, 909, 968, Te 4 (特4), Te 6 (特6) directly to the Baiwangshan Forest Park (百望山森林公园)

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