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Beijing Subway Line 9 & Yizhuang Light Rail

Subway Line 9 (underground)

Departure: World Park
Terminal: Baishi Bridge
Length: 16.45 kilometers (10.22 miles)
Number of Stops: 15
Map color: purple
Other Information: As one of the main transportation lines in Beijing City, Subway Line 9 under construction is due to be completed in 2012, providing access to Beijing West Railway Station. It will start from the World Park in the southwest to Baishiqiao in the northwest of Beijing. This line will connect Fengtai and Haidian districts, and play an important role in the transportation of travelers from the southwest areas of Beijing City.

Eight commuter stations will be built on this line, providing convenient transfer to Subway Line 1, Subway Line 4, Subway Line 6, Subway Line 7, Subway Line 10, and Subway Line 14 from this line. By taking this line, people in the southwest of Beijing will be able to go easily to any area of Beijing.

The first phase, 5.9 kilometers (3.67 miles) long, will extend between Beijing West Railway Station and the Capital Gymnasium, and connect with Subway Line 1 in the Military Museum. And it will traverse a lake in Yuyuantan Park.

Yizhuang Light Rail (Line L2)

Departure: Songjiazhuang
Terminal: Yizhuang Railway Station
Length: 23.8 kilometers (78.08 miles)
Number of Stops: 14
Other Information: The Yizhuang Light Rail runs through Fengtai District, Chaoyang District, Daxing District, Tongzhou District and the Yizhuang Industrial Development Zone. Six of the fourteen stations of this line will be underground and the other eight elevated. The construction of this rail is scheduled to be started in October, 2007, and finished in 2010.

This line will connect with the Subway Line 5 at Songjiazhuang Station and link with the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway at the Yizhuang Railway Station. After the construction of this line, it will take little more than one hour to travel from Yizhuang in the south to the Changping District north of Beijing.