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Beijing Subway Line 7 & Line 8

Subway Line 7

Departure: Beijing West Railway Station
Terminal: Nanhuayuan
Length: 27.3 kilometers (16.96 miles)
Number of Stops: 17
Other Information: Construction of Subway Line 7 is expected to start in 2008, and finish in 2012. It will run between Beijing West Railway Station and Nanhuayuan in Chaoyang District.

This line will meet at right angles with Subway line 4 at Caishikou Station, and at Beijing West Railway Station travelers can transfer to Subway Line 9. This line will be the first subway line which goes into the southern interior of the Xuanwu District of Beijing City.

Subway Line 8 (including the Olympic Branch Line)

Departure: Huilongguan
Terminal: Di'anmen
Length: 22.23 kilometers (13.81 miles)
Number of Stops: 10
Map color: dark green
Other Information: Subway Line 8 consists of two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2, the former also known as the Olympic Branch Line. Subway Line 8 runs along the axis of Beijing City, and will offer convenient transfer to Subway Line 2, Subway Line 10 and Subway Line 13.

The Olympic Branch Line, 4.528 kilometers (2.81 miles) long, runs between Beitucheng and Forest Park, providing access to the Olympic Sports Center and Olympic Park. It is under construction, and is due to be completed before the 2008 Olympics.

The phase 2 of this line is also known as the extended lines of the Olympic Branch Line. These two sections are 17.7 kilometers (11 miles) long, consisting 11 stations which are all underground. The north extended line from Senlin Gongyuan to Huilongguan has 5 stations, and is expected to be started construction at the end of 2007. The whole project is scheduled to be finished in January, 2012.