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Beijing Subway Line 4 & Line 6

Subway Line 4

Departure: Majialou
Terminal: Longbeicun
Length: 28.14 km (17.48 miles)
Number of Stops: 24
Map color: turquoise
Other Information: Subway Line 4 runs through Beijing from Majialou in the south to Longbeicun in the northwest areas. It is completely underground and set to open at the end of September, 2009. This line will serve Fengtai District, Xuanwu District, Xicheng District, and Haidian District, and it is said that this line will be further extended in both directions.

The transfer from this line to many others, such as the Subway Line 1, Subway Line 2, Subway Line 10, and the Subway Line 13 is convenient. This line will take you to the famous Summer Palace, Winter Palace (also known as the Old Summer Palace), Beijing Zoo, and Peking University.

Subway Line 6

Departure: Wulu
Terminal: Xincheng
Length: 41.98 kilometers (26.09 miles)
Number of Stops: 28

Other Information: Subway Line 6 goes between the east and west of Beijing, and aims to meet the demand of the people living in the eastern and western sectors of the capital. About 35.38 kilometers (21.98 miles) of this line are underground, and the rest are elevated.

The first phase of this line is 30.1 kilometers (18.7 miles) long, and it extends between Wulu in Haidian District and Caofang in Chaoyang District. This phase will provide transfer to Subway Line 2, Subway Line 5, Subway Line 8 and the Subway Line 10. This section is expected to start construction at the end of 2007, and the whole project has been finished in 2015.