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Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort

Located at the foot of the Hongluo Mountain in the north of Huairou District, the Hongluo (Red Snail) Temple Tourist Resort lies 50 kilometers (31.7 miles) from central Beijing and covers an area of 800 hectares (1,976.8 acres). The resort consists of three principal attractions: the temple itself, the Hongluo Mountain and the Kwanyin Temple. The area has much to offer the visitors throughout the year, with blossoming flowers in spring, cool temperatures in summer, golden leaves in autumn and snow covered plum blossoms, bamboos and pines in winter.

Hongluo Mountain is rich with verdant greenery and is dotted with traditional-style pavilions, but is most well-known for playing host to the Hongluo Temple. The temple was first built during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) and was then extended in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is widely-acknowledged as being the birthplace of northern Qigong, a way of maintaining good health through practicing different breathing exercises.

The temple sits against the backdrop of the mountain while is fronted by a large lake and an entrance gate marked by a large engraved pailou (arch). The building itself consists of five halls, each used for worshipping different gods. The temple is also famed for its bamboo grove which dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and contains tens of thousands of shoots. Near the hall worshipping Sakyamuni, the thousand-years-old male and female gingkoes are 30 meters high, and an 800 year old great pine entwined with two Chinese wisterias makes a large shadow.

To the east of the Hongluo Temple runs a large stretch of pine trees. Among them stand 500 life-size arhat statues and a variety of stone carvings depicting images of the Chinese zodiac, providing visitors with an understanding of traditional Chinese culture and the Buddhist faith.

The Kwan-yin Temple lies towards the centre of the mountain. It is comprised of three halls, mainly dedicated to the worship of Kwan-yin, the Buddha who helps those in tribulation on earth. There are 108 steps between the main hall and the rear hall. These are supposed to represent the 108 human vexations, which, it is said, are each dispelled as the individual treads over them.

The Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort provides numerous other opportunities for its visitors: activities include fishing, barbecue parties and festivals in celebration of the chrysanthemums and plum blossoms. These, combined with the picturesque surroundings, make it an ideal location for both relaxing and having fun.

Entrance Charge:
CNY 40
Caber Car:
CNY 50 (round-trip)
CNY 30 (one-way trip)
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
936 Zhi from Dongzhimenwai to Hongluosi (Hongluo Temple)
Take a tourist bus from Tiananmen or Xuanwumen to the temple (available on weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April 7 to October 15)