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Memorial of Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site

The Memorial of Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site is located in Jiaozhuanghu Village, Longwantun Town of Shunyi District, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) northeast of Beijing. It features photos and an article once used in tunnel warfare, and presents a historical picture of the Jiaozhuanghu people's valiant fight for victory in the world-wide anti-fascist war.

These attractive tunnels were built during the period of China's War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945). In the battle, the Jiaozhuanghu people summed up their experience of repelling the enemy and protecting themselves, and they developed a new method, one of Tunnel Warfare. They built 11.5 kilometer-long tunnels (7 miles), extending in all directions and forming a network of tunnels. With fierce, cruel enemies, the tunnels helped them greatly, and dealt a heavy blow to the Japanese aggressors. Even in the world war history, such a new form of fighting was a great wonder.

An 800-meter-long tunnel and a five-storey blockhouse have now been renovated and opened to tourists. Inside the tunnel are meeting rooms, command posts, individual shelters, traps, planks, gunshot holes, warehouses and some other things. Entrances to the tunnels are camouflaged in ingenious ways: a pot hole, a water jar, a kitchen range, a pig pen and a donkey stall could all be entrances. These tunnels show the mighty force of the Chinese people and their great creativity.

There are other interesting tourist activities here. One can visit the ruins of tunnel warfare, watch films and listen to stories of the Jiaozhuanghu people's struggle against the Japanese aggressors. Another interesting activity is sharing a special meal of steamed corn bread, cornmeal porridge and pickles, which were the only foods available during the war. For tourists curious to know the real life of that period, the video showing the daily life of the Jiaozhuanghu people is the best choice.

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934 (Dongzhimenwai-Jiaozhuanghu), and then you could arrive at the Memorial of Jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site.