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Beijing Airport Extension & Subway Line 10

Airport Extension (Subway Line L1)

Departure: Dongzhimen
Terminal: Beijing Capital International Airport
Length: 27.3 kilometers (16.96 miles)
Number of Stops: 4
One-way runtime: 16 minutes
Map color: light orange
Other Information: The Airport Extension stretches from the Dongzhimen Station to the Beijing Capital International Airport. As one of the most important projects of the 2008 Olympic Game, this line is scheduled to be under operation on June 30, 2008, and mainly serves for the aviation passengers.

After its construction, it will take only 16 minutes to complete the route. The metros will run every 4 to 5 minutes for about 15 hours every day. With a speed of 100 kilometers (62.14 miles) per hour, the metros on this line will be the fastest in China. The airport terminal will be built in Dongzhimen Station, and after that, passengers could handle the related formalities, like exchanging the boarding pass and checking the baggage. When arriving at the airport, passengers will only go through the remaining procedures.

Besides, passengers can transfer to the Subway Line 2, Subway Line 10 and the Subway Line 13 from this line.

Subway Line 10 

Departure: Landianchang
Terminal: Songjiazhuang
Length: 32.9 kilometers (20.44 miles)
Number of Stops: 28
Map color: mauve

Other Information: Subway Line 10 will be a half-loop line connecting the northwest, northeast and the southeast areas of Beijing City. It will go through Landianchang in the northwest to Songjiazhuang in the southeast of Beijing. The construction of this line is divided into two phases.

Phase 1 runs from Wanliu Park in Haidian District in the northwest to Jinsong in the southeast, forming an inverted 'L' shape. This section will be opened at the end of June, 2008, ready to serve attendants at the Beijing Olympics. This section will connect with many other subway lines, including Subway Line 1, Subway Line 4, Subway Line 5, Subway Line 8, and Subway Line 13. The main structure of this phase was completed on August 28, 2007. Phase 2 has started construction in October, 2007.