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Transportation among Different Olympic Venues in Beijing

Fective transportation system is crucial. Efficient, safe and pleasant transportation must be provided to ensure that Beijing has a successful Olympics. The 2008 Olympics will be held in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang and Qingdao. Thirty-one of the thirty-seven venues are in Beijing, and the others are outside Beijing. Whatever mode of transportation you will need within Beijing or to get to venues outside of the city will be available.

Travel among the Venues in Beijing

According to the development plan of the Beijing Municipal Government, during the 2008 Olympics there will be 'Olympic Lane' for the public to get to the main venues. From the Olympic Village, it is possible to reach any of the venues within thirty minutes by regular buses. The transportation will be under the control of intelligentized system, which will regulate the whole traffic seamlessly.

The public transportation system, including subways, trolleybuses and taxis will be the main mode of transportation. In 2008, the new subway in the downtown area will be extended to 154.5 kilometers (96 miles), and the total subway to over 300 kilometers (186 miles). There will be 18,000 public buses in use and around 650 bus lines. Taxi divers will be able to provide their services and converse with you in English. You may flag down passing taxis or telephone in advance for it. Choose either of them, and you will arrive at the venues in time.

Travel to the Venues outside Beijing

There will be six venues outside Beijing. If you are keen on equestrian sport, you are bound to go to Hong Kong; if you are a fan of sailing, Qingdao (in Shandong Province) will be your destination. If you don't want to miss football, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao (in Hebei Province) and Shenyang (in Liaoning Province) will be part of your itinerary.

There are direct planes from Beijing to Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qingdao and Shenyang, with the exception of Qinhuangdao. Qinhuangdao is situated in Hebei Province which adjoins Beijing Municipality. The railway between Beijing and Qinhuangdao is under reconstruction to increase the speed, so it would also be a pleasant journey by train. To Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qingdao and Shenyang, the railway and highway are available but take a little longer, as they are relatively far from Beijing.

On July 4, 2005, the traffic project of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway officially started. Being the first light rail in China which admits a highest speed of 350 kilometers (217.5 miles) per hour, it starts at Beijing South Railway Station and ends at Tianjin Railway Station, spanning up to about 115 kilometers (71.5 miles). In august, 2008, people can take the trains from Beijing and arrive at Tianjin within half an hour.

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