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FAQs on Beijing Olympics 2008

 Question: Has the date for the 2008 Olympics been determined yet?
Answer: Yes, it will be held from August 8th to the 24th, but the football preliminary will begin on August 6th.

 Question: We are not Chinese. How can we get tickets for the Games?
Answer: Among the 9,000,000 Beijing Olympic tickets, about one fifth of them will be sold to oversea friends. The oversea friends can apply to the local Olympic committees or tickets outlets authorized by your countries or regions.
For people in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, the Slovak Republic and the USA, you can visit the official website of 'CoSport' for more information.

 Question: What about the ticket price for games during the 2008 Olympics? Will it be very high to reach CNY 1000 for a single game?

Answer: As for the ticket prices for each program, it varies. The tickets for the opening ceremony range from CNY 200 to CNY 5,000, while those for the closing ceremony is between CNY 150 and CNY 3,000. The lowest tickets for other programs vary between the CNY and CNY 120 and the highest prices change from CNY 50 to CNY 1,000.

The prices vary between the range listed below.

Tickets Categories
Highest priced ticket (CNY)
lowest priced ticket(CNY)
Opening Ceremony
Closing Ceremony

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 Question: Are there any restrictions on the international sale of the Olympic tickets?
Answer: As for people living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, one can only submit one reservation and apply for tickets of no more than ten programs. Each person can buy one ticket of the opening and closing ceremonies, and at most four tickets of the other programs. In terms of the Equestrian which is scheduled in Hong Kong, the local people can order at most 10 tickets for each game.

 Question: Will there be some sport program free of charge?
Answer: Yes. The Marathon Race and the Road Cycling is scheduled in public territory, and no tickets are required.

 Question: I have heard that some programs will be held outside Beijing, is it true?
Answer: It is true. The preliminaries of the Soccer will be held in Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Beijing, and the finals will definitely take place in the National Stadium. The Equestrian is scheduled in Hong Kong and the Sailing in Qingdao.

 Question: What will the transportation situation be like in Beijing during the Olympics?

Answer: The Beijing Municipal Government is making every effort to improve the transportation in Beijing, with the total investment amounting to CNY 180 billion. To meet the needs of passenger flow volume, numerous reconstruction projects are underway, including, the Beijing Capital International Airport, the expressway, as well as the downtown streets and subway. The subway itself is expected to reach 300 miles, which will become a major transportation vehicle in 2008. There will also be an added intelligent-design traffic flow system, which will facilitate traffic flow a great deal.

 Question: Where can we find the best accommodations for the games?

Answer: Obviously, if you want to see a variety of games conveniently, it is better to live near the Olympic Green. From this convenient locale, you can reach all venues in a relatively short time - forty minutes or so. If you are keen on a particular game, it's a good idea to live in the hotels which is near the very venue. For details, please consult Olympic Venues Construction.

 Question: Will it be a rocketing fare of the hotels in Beijing?

Answer: According to the Beijing Tourism Administration (BTA), those hotels which signed a contract with the Beijing Olympic Committee promised that their fares will be 1.5 times than their usual rates. There will be 800 Star-rated Hotels and the budget hotels will be booming. It will not be difficult to find a comfortable hotel. However, to ensure a pleasant journey, reservations are suggested.

 Question: What are the restaurants like in Beijing? Is it possible for me to communicate with the waiters or waitresses in English?
Answer: There will be around 400 first-class restaurants in Beijing. Waiters or waitresses in the restaurants in the Olympic Village will be trained on basic English, so it will be NO problem to order from the menus. For reliable restaurants, please click Beijing Dining.

 Question: Would you tell me some useful telephone numbers in case of an emergency?
Answer: Here is a list of the practical telephone numbers:
Fire Alarm: 119
Police Need: 110
Ambulance: 120
Phone Number Inquiry: 114
Weather Forecast: 12121
Tour Complain: 010-65275315 (China National Tourism Administration)
Train Inquiry: 962585
Train Ticket Booking: 962586
International Aviation Inquiry: 962580
Air Ticket Booking: 962581