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Emblem of Beijing Olympics 2008 - 'Dancing Beijing'

The Beijing Olympic emblem 'Dancing Beijing' is a milestone in the history of the Olympics. It is an emblem derived from the Chinese seal, Chinese characters '京' and the Olympic rings. The white line inlaid in the emblem symbolizes a moving man, and it associates Beijing and the Olympics coming together. The outspread arms indicate that Beijing welcomes you!

The main part of the emblem includes the Chinese character '' printed on a bright red background. The character '京' looks quite the same as the Chinese character '文' (wén, means 'culture' in English), indicating the long literary tradition of China. Below the character '京' are 'Beijing 2008' written in black and the Olympic rings. The extraordinary design of the Olympic emblem shows a perfect blend of English tradition, Olympic rings, Olympic spirit and profound Chinese culture.

Compared with the emblems of the previous Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic emblem introduces Chinese characters for the first time. It represents a good combination of Chinese calligraphy, the Chinese seal, dance, painting and western modern art. It belongs to China as well as the whole world.

The 2008 Olympic emblem 'Dancing Beijing' represents not only the brilliant Chinese culture and the active, energetic modern China, but also the Olympic spirit of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'.