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Looking into the 2008 Olympics

On July 13, 2001, Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, which uplifted the spirits of the whole country. In the years following, Beijing has spared no effort in keeping its commitment, focusing on the theme of 'Green Beijing, High-tech Beijing, People's Beijing'. Consequently, unparalleled changes have occurred in this ancient but lively city. Methodical preparation for the 2008 Olympics is underway.

On September 6, 1999, the Bid Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad – Beijing 2008 (BOCOG) was founded. Since then, the preparative work has been carried out in perfect order. In December 2003, the building of the National Stadium started and construction commenced on eleven more new venues including the National Aquatics Center, the Beijing Shooting Range Hall, and the Peking University Gymnasium. These venues will be completed in 2007. In 2008, these spectacular venues will thrill the world.

The Beijing municipal government has attached great importance to the environment. A large number of infrastructure projects such as forestation, transportation, energy, and environmental protection, will have been completed by the year 2008. Forty percent of the city's area will be planted which will certainly add beauty to it and improve air quality. The Beijing Olympic Green, as the centre of the Olympics, occupies a green space of 1,680 acres. The total length of the subway in Beijing will reach 300 kilometers (186 miles), thus greatly facilitating transportation around the city. And citizens will use natural gas as household energy that will guarantee cleaner and fresher air.

After watching the Olympic athletes' performances, visitors may enjoy themselves exploring the city by  rickshaw, by bicycle, or by bus. In accordance with 'People's Beijing' historical attractions in the capital have been preserving with great care. After visiting the Hutongs (the famous Beijing 'alleys'), quadrangles (Siheyuan) and other sites, you will be reluctant to depart. The citizens in Beijing are learning English with great enthusiasm. In this way, visitors will get better help after losing one's way, while shopping in a small shop, or wanting a rest in a hostel. Even the elderly are learning to say 'Hello'!

During your stay you will applaud for titles well earned, experience the world-renowned hospitality of the Chinese people and appreciate the great vitality and tremendous changes in Beijing. You'll conclude: It's fantastic!

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