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Mascots of Beijing Olympics 2008 - Fuwa

The Beijing Olympic mascots consist of five lovely symbols, namely, Bei Bei (a carp), Jing Jing (a panda), Huan Huan (Olympic flame), Ying Ying (a Tibetan antelope) and Ni Ni (a swallow). The names of the mascots are the partial tone of the Chinese word 'Welcome to Beijing' (Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni), symbolizing Chinese people's kindness and hospitality. Each of the five mascots has a color of the Olympic rings and indicates a good wish, prosperity, happiness, enthusiasm, health and good luck. Serving as the official mascot, Fuwa are inspired by the Olympic rings, the broad territory of China and its lovely animals whilst spreading friendship, peace, enterprising spirit and good wishes to the world.

'Fish' and 'water' mean prosperity and better harvest in Chinese culture, while a carp usually means success in career and realization of dreams. Fish is an essential element for a banquet on a festal day, especially a New Year's feast, since it means one will get more than is needed in the coming year. Obviously fish is an expert at aquatic sports, and the use of the fish connects to the blue ring of the Olympic rings.

As the national treasure, pandas always bring happiness and they are deeply beloved by people all over the world. Jing Jing comes from the forest. This marks a tribute to the harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature. The naive and optimistic Jing Jing represents the black ring of the Olympic rings.

Huan Huan symbolizes the Olympic flame, carrying enthusiasm and the Olympic spirit to every corner of the world. It is also an incarnation of sport and enthusiasm. Wherever it goes, it will show Beijing Olympic ardor towards the world. The active and energetic Huan Huan reflects the red ring of the Olympic rings.

The Tibetan antelope (Ying Ying) comes from the west of China and bears the good wish of health. Being a protected animal native to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the antelope conforms with the theme of 'Green Olympics'. The smart Ying Ying is good at athletics and stands for the yellow ring.

While Ni Ni, a flying swallow, is derived from a special kite of Beijing. '?' (the Chinese character of swallow) represents the former appellation of Beijing. Ni Ni will bring springtime, joyance and good luck to people. The nimble swallow is representative of the green ring.

Fuwa greatly embodies the Olympic spirit and the three themes of Beijing's bid for the 2008 Olympics - 'Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics, People's Olympics'. Fuwa delivers people's good wish for nature and the world. The designs of Fuwa fully display the diverse and brilliant Chinese culture.