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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The 2008 Olympic Games have been a hot topic of conversation among the Chinese people from the time the Games were awarded to China in 2001. Now, the 2008 Olympics are attracting people all over China who wish to be a part of it. As the day of the Olympics is drawing near, enthusiasm continues to be built up and China is preparing with full ardor for this long-cherished games. Beijing and the other six cities which will host the games have been featured prominently in the press and their role as host cities has become more conspicuous.

Under the leadership of the country and supported by the enthusiastic domestic and oversea Chinese people and international friends, Beijing won the bid for the host of the 2008 Olympic Games on July 13, 2001. Since then, Beijing has entered into a period of rapid growth, and the preparations for the Games have been under a harmonious proceeding. As the 2008 Olympic Games is drawing near, the city has got ready for the joyful games in all aspects, and the passionate Chinese people will welcome guests from all over the world with top-ranking facilities and high quality service.