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Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum

Located in Xiannong Temple of Xuanwu District, Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is China's first themed museum that focuses on the collection, study and exhibition of architecture. Through lots of pictures, photos, and elaborate models, the museum shows the technology, development and achievement of Chinese ancient architecture from primitive times to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The exhibitions of the Ancient Architecture Museum are mainly in Xiannong Temple. The temple was first built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and renovated in 1754 during the reign of the Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was the place where the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices to Xiannong, the God of agriculture. It shows that the royal courts paid much attention to agriculture. The low capacity of agricultural productivity in ancient China brought about the people's great respect for Xiannong God; so naturally, the Xiannong Temple enjoyed great esteem.

After restoration, the buildings have regained their heroic bearing, and form a magnificent open-air ancient architecture museum. Taisui Hall is the most imposing one in the temple with decorative color paintings, and black glazed tiles. Two wing halls are attached to it on either side, each having eleven rooms. The Bai Hall with its seven rooms stands opposite the Taisui Hall.

In the museum, the most distinctive and valuable articles are the model of ancient Beijing, and the caisson in Longfu Temple. Made in 1950, the former consists of 108 pieces and displays a comprehensive picture of the buildings in ancient Beijing. The caisson is a special ceiling used in traditional Chinese structure. Built in the Ming Dynasty, the wooden ornamental caisson in Longfu Temple is umbrella-shaped with artistic carvings of pavilions and figures. In the center is a horoscope map, and each constellation bears its name in neat regular script. Generally accepted as a unique work in the architectural field, this caisson is crucial for studying ancient astronomy.

Admission Fee:
CNY 15
Opening Hours:
09:00-16:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)
Bus Route:
7, 17,20, 36, 120, 203, 504, 707, 729, 744, 803, 826, 943 to Xiannongtan (Xiannong Temple, 先农坛), and then you could walk to the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum (中国古代建筑博物馆).

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Good night my name is Rushawn Marshall i Live in Jamaica, this is my last year in high school and would like to ask if your beloved Museum offers scholarship to internal student to study architect in Beijing or Beijing China

Reply10/3/2010 2:04:00 AMRushawn Marhall,   Jamaica

Ashley :10/5/2010 9:53:00 PM

Rushawn Marhall, You may have mistaken this website for the official website for Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, this is just a website for Beijing Tourism actually.