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Silk Road Adventure of Beijing, Urumqi, Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, Hetian, Minfeng, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xian and Shanghai

Tour Length: 22 Days
Available Dates: Friday

Daily Itinerary Summary


Forbidden City, Beijing

Day 01: Entry Beijing 
Upon your arrival, our guide will pick you up from Beijing Capital Airport according to your flight schedule and then transfer you to check in at the well selected hotel. The left hours of the day if there is any will be on your side for free individual arrangements. You may just have a good rest to relax yourselves or that you could walk around leisurely.

  Hotel : Crowne Plaza

Day 02: Beijing  
Today's delightful highlight begins from the grand Tiananmen Square. After having a short stay and taking some photos there, you will step toward the majestic Forbidden City which ranks the top of the five great palaces in the world. You will have an a la carte lunch at a famous local restaurant. The following place that you are going to visit is the Temple of Heaven. In the evening, enjoy a lively Kung Fu Show at the Red Theatre.
  Hotel : Crowne Plaza
  Meals : B, L

Day 03: Beijing 
One of the most important activities for the entire Beijing trip is a visit to the Great Wall, Badaling section. There is an old saying goes that he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. From this we can see that the Great Wall occupy an important position in Chinese mind. At noon, the Sichuan food will be properly arranged for you at a nice restaurant after a short drive. Continue the visit to the Sacred Way and the Ming Tomb whose underground palace has been opened for visit in the afternoon.

  Hotel : Crowne Plaza
  Meals : B, L

 summer palace-151
Summer Palace, Beijing

Day 04: Beijing Urumqi 
After the visit to the fabulous Summer Palace which enjoy a high reputation all over the world. After an a la carte lunch, fly to Urumqi, a beautiful city with many kinds of sweet fruits.  The guide will wait for you ahead of your arrival time at the airport to welcome your coming. After been picked up, you will be transferred to the hotel and please relax for the rest of the day.

  Hotel : Hoi Tak Hotel  
  Meals : B, L

Day 05: Urumqi  Korla 
Leave for Korla, the "City of Pear" by car. This place is well known in China for its bergamot pears. On the way to Korla, you will have a chance to see the Tiemen Pass. Tiemen means the iron door in Chinese. Due to its steep topography, this pass has been a battleground military strategist in history. Also it is a key place in the ancient "Silk Road". After arriving in Korla, check in the hotel and relax yourselves for the rest of the time.

  Hotel : Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 06 Korla Kuqa
After having lunch, you will start your tour to Kuqa, a beautiful and fertile oasis at the south of the Tianshan Mountains. Upon arrival, check in the Kuqa Hotel. And then a tour to the Subashi Ruins will be arranged. The Subashi Ruins are the Buddhist temple ruins of the Wei and Jin dynasty. It was said that when Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, he stayed here for 2 months. 

  Hotel : Kuqa Hotel
  Meals : B, L


Day 07: Kuqa Aksu  
Morning excursion stops at Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves, one of the most famous four Grottoes in China. It is the earliest grotto in Chinese history. It really is a Gallery of Bas Reliefs. From here, you can see the life of farming, hunting, dancing and so on of people in the old times. After your visiting here, private transfer takes you to Aksu and stay at the well selected hotel.

  Hotel : Hongfu Jinlan Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 08: Aksu Kashgar 
Today you will have a long tour ending in Kashgar. During the tour, enjoy the marvelous natural views of this vast land. You will be deeply overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature.

  Hotel : local best hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 09: Kashgar Karakuri Lake Kashgar 
What waiting for you today is the breathtaking Karakuri Lake which has an altitude of 3600 meters. Karakuri Lake means the black sea. This lake is 30 meters deep and it occupies more than one hundred thousand square kilometers. The snow-covered mountain, the green grass and the livestock there form fascinating scenery which made people indulging into deeply. Seeing goodbye to this beautiful land area and then you will be transferred to the local best hotel in Kashgar before dinner time.
  Hotel : local best hotel
  Meals : B, L

Sunday Bazaar, Kashgar

Day 10: Kashgar 
When visiting Kashgar, the local bazaar is very deserved to see. There is a bazaar nearly every day but the biggest is the one on Sunday. If you’re lucky to meet the Sunday bazaar, you will have a good chance to see the most bustling scene in a week and can look at how the local deals proceeding. After having a stay at the local bazaar, go ahead to visit the Id Kah Mosque which is the biggest Mosque in Xinjiang Province. This Mosque is 140 meters long and 120 meters wide, which is composed by 7 parts. Then go to visit the Abakh Khoja Tomb, a well-preserved Islamic architectural enjoying a high reputation throught Aisa and China. The love story that is related with this place has been attracting more and more people at home and abroad. 

  Hotel : local best hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 11: Kashgar Hetian 
Leave for Hetian located at the north side of the Mt. Kunlun in the morning. Hetian is well- known for its delicate Jade and carpet. Take tour to the Yarkant King Mausoleum and the Yingisar Uigur Knife Making. Although hundreds of years have already past, the pattern on the walls, the building materials and the Layout and Structure of the Yarkant King Mausoleum are still very clear.  Stay overnight at the hotel.

  Hotel : Hetian Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 12: Hetian Minfeng 
Continue the visit to the Silk Village whose silk enjoys a high fame on the Silk Road, the hundred-year- old walnut tree and the Paper Making. On the way to Minfeng, visit a local bazaar and have a look at the unique minority people's costume in Yutian city. Stay at the hotel in Minfeng.

  Hotel : Ni Ya Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 13: Minfeng Korla 
Leave for Korla through the Taklamakan Desert. This desert is the biggest desert of China and it is the second biggest desert in the world. Besides, it is also the biggest shifting desert in the world. With a length of more than 1000 kilometers from east to west and more than 400 kilometers from south to north, it leaves people much fantasy for its mystery. Enjoy the scenery of the sand dune on this vast land along the road. Upon arrival in Korla, check in at the hotel and stay overnight there to relax yourselves.

  Hotel : Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Baizikeli Thousand Buddha Cave, Turpan

Day 14: Korla Turpan 
Today will be a leisure day for you. Private transfer takes you to Turpan and the guide will help you to check in the well selected hotel. No escorted tour is scheduled during the balance day and you are suggested to explore the city on your own.

  Hotel : Huozhou Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 15: Turpan  
Today you will begin your panoramic city tour from the Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Caves. This place is the center of the Buddhism in Gaochang area. Originally there are 80 caves in the Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Caves. At present, 57 caves are remaining and 40 of them have the murals. Then continue your tour to the Gaochang Ruins which is an important and a must passing place on the silk road and the Flaming Hill. The Flaming Hill is 98 kilometers in length and 9 kilometers in width with an average height of 500 meters. This entire hill is made up of red sandstone, making it look like the flame. This should be the reason that it got its name.

  Hotel : Huozhou Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 16: Turpan Dunhuang 
In Turpan city, there are also another three places waiting for your coming today. They are the Jiaohe Ruins, the Karez Well and the Sugong Pagoda. The Jiaohe Ruins was looked like a fort with defense ring upon tier upon tier. It is honored as “the perfect ruins in the world”. The Karez Wells are very famous in Xinjiang province. According to statistics, there are nearly one thousand this kind of wells in Xinjiang. As the water in these wells doesn’t evaporate with the hot weather and the fierce wind, it keeps a stable flow. Thus, it guarantees the irrigation. After visiting the Sugong Pagoda, leave for Dunhuang by an overnight soft sleeper train. 

  Meals : B, L

Day 17: Dunhuang 
The guide in Dunhuang will pick you up at the railway station according to your train schedule and transfer you to the well selected hotel in Dunhuang. Having a short rest at the hotel and then start your tour today to the Mogao Grottoes. This Grotto was known as the most valued cultural discovery of the 20th century and was gotten by the name of “the Oriental Louvre Museum”. The delicate murals and statues there made it a world famous art shrine. Go ahead to visit the Dunhuang Museum which has a cultural relics of more than 4000 pieces afterwards.

  Hotel : Building No. 8 of Dunhuang Hotel
  Meals : L

Gaochang Ruins, Turpan

Day 18: Dunhuang Xian 
Experience a short camel-riding along the Echoing-Sand Dune to reach the Crescent Lake. Over the ages, the mixture of the sand hills and the lake made it unique scenery in this area. And it has been a scenic spot that not only people in China but those all over the world are willing to have a chance to visit. Leave for Xian by flight and transfer to the well selected hotel.

  Hotel : Sheraton Xian Hotel  
  Meals : B, L

Day 19: Xian 
Highlight morning excursion today will bring you to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum which is thought to be one of the great wonders of China and the world. The terracotta warriors and horses hollow are the mortuary objects of the Mausoleum of the First Emperor in Chinese history. It caused a big sensation in the world after it was discovered. Then have a decent restaurant to have well prepared a la carte lunch instead of the mass produced food around the site. Have a visit to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and City Wall in the afternoon. Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show and Dumpling Dinner at Shaanxi Opera Theater in the evening.

  Hotel : Sheraton Xian Hotel  
  Meals : B, L, D

Day 20: Xian Shanghai  
Your Xian city tour will be concluded by visiting to the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum and a local family. The home-cooked a la carte lunch will be offered in the family you visit. Then leave for Shanghai by flight and you will be transferred to check in the well selected hotel.
  Hotel : Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 21: Shanghai  
Drive to visit Shanghai Museum and the Yuyuan Garden. The Shanghai Museum is a big ancient art museum of China. The amount of the precious cultural relics that it possesses comes up to 120,000 pieces. Its rich in quantity and exquisite in quality made it a very famous museum in the world. The Yuyuan Garden was built in Ming Dynasty. It is a dazzling bright pearl of the classical garden in Chinese Garden. After having an a la carte lunch, you will go to take a Huangpu River cruise. After that, explore the Bund area and visit an old street in Shanghai. 
  Hotel : Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 22: Shanghai/ Exit
Please check out the hotel before 12:00 and our guide will see you off properly according to your homeward flight schedule. 

  Meals : B

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Sole Occupancy $6132.00 $4782.00 $4132.00

The above private guided tour is tailored for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other participants will be in your group. In other words, others will not join in your tour and you will not take part into any tours of others on our land services.

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