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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

A La Carte Lunches/Dinners

As specified in the itineraries, we arranged A La Carte meals in the major cities, the best restaurants, we choose for you, the best dishes, you choose for yourselves. In the first place, we steer clear of the tourist restaurants, most of which were originally built with shops downstairs or upstairs or co-operated with shops to redeem the insufficient restaurant sells. We choose the local best restaurant where you will eat with locals around, maybe pleasant experience, maybe not so pleasant (or maybe even shocked by the people's habits you've never seen), but if that is exactly what the locals do, it is deserved to be seen and experienced. Do in Rome as Rome does, do in China as Chinese does, at least we provide the opportunities to you from the tiny point to understand this mysterious orient country with thousands of years' history.

Soft Drink & Mineral or Purified Bottled Water

We offer two bottles of mineral water or purified water per person per day to our clients free of charge. Two cups of soft drink or local beer will also be provided for lunch and dinner instead of only one cup as most other travel agencies do to their clients.
    Traveling in China can offer some of the most rewarding travel in the world: enlightening encounters with local people, fantastic scenery, centuries-old history, great markets, exciting adventure and more at the reasonable schedule and leisurable pace. Here are some highlights which make us different from others:

  • Peking Opera
    The country is forever changing, but we are always trying to show it to you inside out. The spectacular Peking Opera is one of the highlights endowed with art, history and lifestyle. The Peking Opera is an art form of a combination of singing, dancing, acrobatics, dialects, martial arts and etc. We are honored to present it to you with front row table arrangement (different from those back theatre seats) with tea and cookies at the Liyuan Theatre which boasts of over 100 years' history.
  • Accommodations
    Holiday Inn Central Plaza: First-rate management group - Intercontinental Hotels Group, well-positioned - located in the Guang'anmen commercial and government area, excellent maintenances and persistent quality services make staying in this hotel one of the best experiences of all in this package tour.
  • Meals
    We recognize the importance of care with food selection on our tours. You can experience the many delights of local cuisines, and we endeavor to choose the restaurants with the best hygiene and food handling practices. At the same time, we try our best to avoid "eating for eating's sake", we take it as one of the best opportunity to please our valued clients. All the meals we arrange for you will be diversified, delicious, good-looking and memorable. Please take the opportunities to taste, to learn (to use the chopsticks and other traditional tablewares) and to experience the Chinese dining-etiquette.
  • Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show: As its name indicates, the performance about Tang Dynasty music and dance, served at the Tang Dynasty Palace, to distinguish it from many other followers or clumsy duplicate, the address of the theatre is: #37, North Chang'an Road, Xian.
  • Accommodations
    Hyatt Regency Hotel Xian: Located in the downtown area, walking distance to the major commercial areas and shopping centers. Hyatt Regency Hotel has the best facilities and position and the best choice for our clients who would penetrate into local life/night life in the off-the-tour hours.
  • Meals
    Cantonese Cuisine: Originates from the region around Guangdong Province. Of the various regional styles of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the best-known outside China; mostly foreigners accept the flavors of Cantonese food, or an adaptation thereof. Cantonese chefs attach great importance of bringing out the flavor of the freshest ingredients. The best Cantonese restaurant ever found in Xian is the Prince restaurant where you will have one meal. Another Cantonese meal will be arranged at Canton Palace, also a famous local restaurant.
  • Sichuan Cuisine: Sichuan Cuisine has an international reputation of being spicy (or hot) and flavorful. We will let you experience this unique Sichuan food on the day to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. As the museum is located in a small county, where travelers will have very few chances to find real good Chinese food, we would take you back by the expressway to downtown Xian to a highly reputable Sichuan cuisine restaurant to have lunch.
  • Special Local Flavors
    Dumpling Banquet: If there is a kind of food that evokes beautiful expectations and happy recollections, represents better life and family reunions, that is, definitely, Jiaozi (dumplings). As the economy has developed soaringly, eating Jiaozi is not just the big event for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Jiaozi has developed into the extremely high level in North China, especially Xian. In this ancient city, the best place to serve Jiaozi is Tang Dynasty Palace where we are honored to present you this traditional food.
  • Portman Acrobatic Show: Served at the Shanghai Centre Theatre which follows the unforgettable farewell dinner at Wang Bao He Hotel. The acrobatic show actually makes the farewell show elaborately arranged by your China tour operator - BeijingTrip! Hope this is the curtain call drawing the perfect full stop of your China Tour.
  • Accommodations
    JC Mandarin Hotel: An attractive combination of eastern and western culture, JC Mandarin Hotel could cater for the demands of different clients whatever for business or travel. It is right in the center of the business and shopping mall on the Nanjing Pedestrian Street, together with the elegant decoration, luxurious comfort, first-class service, all will assure you a nice vacation.
  • Meals
    Farewell Dinner-Wang Bao He: also known as the Central Hotel, boasts of a history of about 260 years as a restaurant serving Shanghai local cuisine, present day Wang Bao He offers the best dishes of Shanghai local flavor in the already high standard on food. We offer this meal at USD13.00 net per person as a farewell dinner to round off your memorable trip with BeijingTrip.
  • Bicycle Tour in Yangshuo: We provide you an opportunity to better understand the local people's life and to show you the off-the-track sceneries by taking a bicycle trip to the countryside. You will see the villages, farmlands and how the local people work on their farmlands if the season is right. The electric car will follow you in case you feel tired or for those who are not so skillful riding a bike, the same route and the same sceneries. Local family visit will also be arranged along the route.

  • Accommodations
    Sheraton Guilin Hotel: Ideally located alongside the Li River. Famed for its limestone crags and deep caves, Guilin has been an inspiration to Chinese poets and artists throughout the centuries. Today, we elaborately select Sheraton Guilin Hotel for you to enjoy this enchanting city.
  • Ethnic Songs and Dances Show in Lijiang Theatre: This Show vividly displays the colorful life of local ethnic people living around Longji Terraced Fields.
  • Tibet Lecture: We, BeijingTrip, are honored and privileged as well as obligated to show you a real Tibet. After our guide shows you around, we will invite a professor from Tibet University who is an expert on Tibet history, religion and culture to give you a lecture of official knowledge on Tibet - the past, the present and the future.
  • Accommodations
    Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa: Four Points By Sheraton Hotel situated near the Lhasa River in eastern Lhasa City. Excellent location allows ten-minute walk to Jokhang Temple and Barkhorn Street, eight-minute drive to the reputable Potola Palace. Absolute comfortable room together with the professional service under the management of Sheraton Group offers you a leisure holiday comforts.
  • Meals
    To find a nice restaurant serving quality food is by far challenging, but it is not impossible. As the welcome dinner to Tibet, we will serve Sichuan food where at the same time you can enjoy the Tibetan dance and fashion show in the second evening you arrive in Lhasa. While the other dinners will be served at your hotel (local best) which are conservative but it is the best place to eat leisurely after a whole day's activities over 3,000 meters above the sea level.
  • Holiday Inn Yangtze
    The restaurant serves fine Sichuan food, deepen your impression of this riverside city that you will stop only for a glance. You will be served a rich buffet dinner before embarking the deluxe cruise ship - China Regal.
China Regal Cruise
  • New Century Cruises 
    The New Century Cruises is an offering of the Chongqing New Century International Travel Service Co. Ltd, which creates an intimate ambience. The design and onboard furnishings are in accord with international 5-star hotel standards. The magnificent lobby, elegantly designed with modern décor, has a prompt check-in and check-out system, which insures arriving guests access to onboard conform rapidly and efficiently.
  • Meals
    Food is always a major topic for those who have traveled by cruise! Buffet dinner and sometimes Chinese table style arrangements are available. China Regal offers American breakfast with free tea, coffee and soft drinks, and lunch and dinner with unlimited free tea, soft drinks and local beer. Gourmet chefs are employed on these ships and there is an abundance of food and many wonderful choices. The water sterilization and purification systems also make its water the safest among all cruise ships on the river.
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