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Capital Airport Services

Airport Information Centers
If you have questions about airport services, please go to the Information Centers in the airport. Here the airport staff can provide you with information on flights, boarding procedures, related tips when traveling by air, and other services.
Locations: (Terminal 1) Opposite Gate 4 on the second floor; opposite Gate No.3 on the first floor.
                 (Terminal 2) Opposite Gates No.6 and 12.
                 (Terminal 3) International Departure Hall in T3-E; second, third and fourth floor in T3-C.
Supervisor's Telephone: 010-64541100 (24 hours)

Train Ticket Booking
Train ticket booking is available at the railway ticket booth on the 1st floor of T2. Pre-sale train tickets within 10 days can be purchased at the booth between 07:00 and 00:00 at midnight.

Temporary Identity Card
If your identity card or certificate is lost, damaged or expired, you can go to the airport police station and get a temporary identification card for boarding.
Location: (Terminal 2) Room 22008, near Domestic Security Channel 14
                (Terninal 3) Near the Domestic Excess Luggage Check-in Desk on Floor 4                
Tel:  010-64597459 (T1, T2)
        010-64530015 (T3)

Left Baggage Office
If you need to check your baggage, please contact the Left Baggage Office. You can check your baggage by the hour or by the day.
Location: (Terminal 1) East of second floor
                (Terminal 2) Near Gate No.10 in the Departure Hall on the 2nd floor
                (Terminal 3) East and west side of second floor in T3-C.
Operation Hours: 24 hours
Service Tel: 010-64540921 (T1)
                    010-64598152 (T2)
                    010-64558580 (east,T3)
                    010-64558579 (west, T3)

Dressing Room
In order to facilitate changing clothes, passengers' dressing rooms are located in the Baggage Claim Areas.
Location: (Terminal 1) west side of the Baggage Claim Area.
               (Terminal 2) East of Carousel 14 Baggage Claim Area, and near Carousel 4 International Baggage Claim Area.
                (Terminal 3) Near Domestic and International Baggage Claim Area.

Public Telephones
Two kinds of public phones are provided in the capital airport; one is the ordinary type, which uses an IC telephone card; some phones are equipped with vending machines to sell the IC cards. The other type is the multimedia telephone, which can send and receive e-mails and seek airport information.

Business Center
The Business Center provides various services: sending and receiving faxes, photocopying, printing, recharging mobile phone batteries, getting on line, as well as offering individual workstations for those who bring notebook PCs. Document binding and telephone cards are not available in all business centers, so please consult the business center staff ahead of time.

Location: (Terminal 1) East side of the 2nd floor hall.
               (Terminal 2) Opposite Gate No.14 in the Departure Hall on the 2nd floor; in the International Waiting Hall, either between Boarding Gates 10 and 11 or near Boarding Gate 24
                (Terminal 3) International to Domestic West Transit Hall on the second floor of T3-C; Digital Harbor on the first floor of International Lounge in T3-E
Operation Hours: 07:00 - 21:30
Service Tel: 010-64590339 (T1, T2)
                    010-64558581-81 (T3)

Post Office
The airport post office provides services such as EMS (express mail service), postal remittances, mailing of packages and correspondence, as well as selling telephone cards, books and publications.
Location: Opposite Gate No. 2 in the Departure Hall of Terminal 2; east of the hall on first floor in Terminal 3.
Operating Hours: 07:00-20:00
Service Tel: 010-64592056 (T2)
                    010-64532646 (T3)

The infirmary will provide voluntary services such as medical treatment in the airport building, first aid and ambulance service, and also supply drugs for routine and emergency use.
Location: (Terminal 1) The west side of the 1st floor hall
               (Terminal 2) Opposite Gate No. 8 of the Departure Hall on the second floor
               (Terminal 3) West of Arrival Hall on the second floor in T3-C (24 hours);
                                    Near C07 boarding gate in domestic lounge on the third floor in T3-C (06:30 - 22:00);
                                    Central area of International lounge on second floor in T3-E (24 hours)
Operating Hours: 07:00-22:00
Service Tel: (Terminal 1) 010-64540999 (07:00 - 22:00); 01064591919 (24 hours)
                     (Terminal 2) 010-64591919  (24 hours)
                     (Terminal 3) 010-64530120

Airport banks provide deposit and credit card services for RMB and some foreign currencies; they also handle domestic drafts, checks, remittances and foreign exchange, foreign currency exchange as well as selling and cashing traveler's checks. Inside the terminal buildings, there are ATMs and automatic currency exchange machines. Most Beijing banks are open from 08:00-17:30 on weekdays and 09:00-17:30 on weekends, but different branches vary. The only bank that will authorize a cash advance on American credit cards is the Bank of China.

Terminal 1: The Financial Service Areas in the west of the hall on the 2nd floor
Terminal 2: (see chart below)

Bank of China
Opposite to Gate No.8 in the Domestic Departure Hall on the 2nd floor.
010-64590393, 010-64590391
China Construction Bank
Opposite to Gate No.8 in the Domestic Departure Hall on the 2nd floor.
010-64590402, 010-64590404
Agricultural Bank of China
Opposite to Gate No.7 in the Arrival Hall on the 1st floor.

Terminal 3: 

Bank of China
East of Departure Hall on the fourth floor in T3-C
China Construction Bank
Wes of Departure Hall on the fourth floor in T3-C
Agricultural Bank of China
West of Exit B in International Arrival Hall on the second floor in T3-C
Bank of Beijing
East of Exit A in Domestic Arrival Hall on the second floor in T3-C
Industral and Commercial Bank of China West of Exit C in Domestic Arrival Hall on the second floor in T3-C

 Nursing Room
Location: (T1) East and West Satellite Halls in Departure Hall on the second floor;
                (T2) In some restrooms;
                (T3) Beside most restrooms

Hourly Lounges
Location: (T1) On the thrid floor from west of Gate No. 8 on the second floor;
                (T2) International: Between Gates D2 and D3 on the underground first floor;
                         Domestic: Between Gstes D6 and D7 on the underground first floor;
                (T3) West of Arrival Hall on the second floor in T3-C;
                         East of International Departure Hall in T3-E 
Service Number: 
(T1) 010-64540985
(T2) International: 010-64598943; Domestic: 010-64598932
(T3) T3-C: 010-64558577; T3-E: 010-64532621

Lost and Found Office
If you lose something at Beijing Capital International Airport, you may direct your inquiry to the Lost and Found Office.
Location: The north side near Room 15 on the 1st floor of Terminal 2; East of Exit A in Arrival Hall on the secon floor of Terminal 3
Tel:  (T1,T2) 010-64598333
        (T3) 010-64530030

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Comments and Questions

Hello, My return flight is From Brussels to Beijing, Beijing to Brussels. Same day arrival to Beijing I have one way flight to HongKong, this case can I have 72 hours Visa free?

Reply9/17/2017 11:48:17 AMDORJE DOLKAR,   Belgium

Uinita :10/12/2017 6:43:14 PM

The route of Brussels - PEK - Hong KOng suits the 72h visa free transit.

My flight to Pakistan is at midnight on 3rd may. i have lot of luggage which needs to be transported from shijiazhuang to beijing. I will be reaching beijing air port at 2100 hrs on 2nd may . is there any way of sending luggage by post ?

Reply4/10/2017 4:24:13 AMRao waqas

Kurt ( United States ) :4/11/2017 2:35:00 AM

There are many delivery agencies in Shijiazhuang, such as YTO, ZTO, and STO. You may find a nearby office to send your luggage.

Hello, we are arriving to Beijing for a night before we head back to London and have booked the Days Exhibition hotel near the airport. Is there a shuttle bus that takes you to the airport hotels? The airport transfer fees from the hotel are really expensive! The hotel is only 1 km from the airport not sure if it makes sense to take a taxi with a meter? Do you know the standard rate for taxi?

Reply12/11/2016 9:45:12 PMZainab,   United Kingdom

Fiona ( France ) :12/12/2016 7:53:31 PM

Hi, dear! As I know, the hotel provides free pick up service. You can confirm this with the hotel staff. The telephone number is 86-010-64576666. Or, you can simply take a taxi with a meter. The flag down rate is CNY 13 within 3km. :)

Hi, My daughter will arrive in Bejing from Australia December 20 at 05.30 in the morning, stay 10 hours in Bejing between flights and then continue to Sweden. She will go and visit the Great Wall in Mutianyu and then go back to the Airport. I have been told she needs a temporary stay permit for that and that she has to go to the immigration office after arriving at Beijing airport and apply for the stay permit by proving her passport, and the onward ticket. What time does the immigration office open on December 20, 2016? her flight back to Sweden leaves at 15.35 in the afternoon so she need to be on her way rather soon after arrival. Her nationality is Swedish.

Reply11/12/2016 3:23:36 PMYvonne,   Sweden

Peter ( Canada ) :11/13/2016 8:41:38 PM

I have no idea of the opening hours of the immigration office. You may consult the staff through service@bcia.com.cn, or dial 86-010-96158. Good luck!

Would like to know office hours for Traffic Police office to get temporary Chinese Drivers license. Is there a phone number I can have someone (Chinese) call for me to get more information?

Reply10/31/2016 3:35:53 PMMike,   United States

Alan ( Germany ) :10/31/2016 8:49:25 PM

As I know, you can apply for a temporary driving liscense at the Traffic Office to the opposite of Gate 7, 1F, T3-C, Capital Airport. It is open from 9:00 to 17:00. The telephone number is 86-010-64530010.

Hello I would like to know if there is massage facilities in Beijing Capital airport.

Reply8/19/2016 10:33:08 PMFarid,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

Lydia ( Australia ) :8/21/2016 9:18:50 PM

Yes! You can go to Le Spa near Gate 28, Domestic Departure Waiting Area, T3. The telephone number is 86-010-64556918. ;)

Hello there
I'm traveling from Hangzhou to Beijing then to Cairo ( Egypt) cause of the domestic flight my luggage weigh is so small, can i send some luggages to Beijing airport from my city by post office before i travel?thanks a lot

Reply6/22/2016 6:14:58 AMThunder,   United Arab Emirates

Amy ( Canada ) :6/22/2016 10:10:29 PM

Yes, you can. But you need to send it three or four days in advance, so that you luggage will have been delivered to PEK upon your arrival. As for the recipient, you can ask the staff of China Post at PEK to receive the parcel for you. Upon arrival, you can get it by using your passport. The China Post is located to the opposite of Gate 2, Departure Hall, T2; to the east of the lobby, 1F, T3. You can contact them by dialing 86-010-64592056 or 86-010-64532646. Good luck! :)

I will be arriving to Beijing from Dandong on Air China Flight 1632 at 21:50. My next flight is with Hainan Airlines leaving at 0:05, Flight 7919 bound for Tokyo. I need to get my luggage from Air China before proceeding to Hainan Airlines. Will I be able to make it to my connecting flight to Tokyo?

Reply5/29/2016 3:25:04 AMLydia Botsford,   United States

Lee ( Germany ) :5/30/2016 8:53:08 PM

Well, you will tranfer from T3 to T2. Tge minimum connection time is 160 minutes. So I am afraid that your layover is too limited. You are advised to reissue the ticket for a smooth trip! :)

RJ637857610CN can i get info about package? it shows that its still in beijing for many days.

Reply12/14/2015 5:39:55 AMPaulius,   Lithuania

Lina :12/20/2015 4:44:35 AM

Yes, from Nov. 28, there is no update till now. It is strange. You'd better ask the sender to check it in the postal office in case.

Paulius ( Lithuania ) :12/20/2015 5:55:00 AM

The seller first told me that the parcel has arrived (but how does he know that?) . I told him that the tracking shows the same info for many days,he told because of the weather .After that he sayd ,,Parcels already in your country soon you can receive the Wait patiently"

So what to do? wait or escalate dispute

Rang :12/20/2015 10:14:54 PM

Hello Paulius. Since the seller has sent the parcel out, I don't think they can control the delivery. So dispute is not a good idea. You can just wait for another week. Good luck!

Hello everyone!
I have sent a parcel tracking number CP178637668PL it is stated that it has arrived to Beijing but it has been not updated for over a week! Could anyone help me with this matter?

Reply12/9/2015 12:16:50 AMJoanna,   Poland

Mona :12/20/2015 4:45:39 AM

Hi, the latest update shows that the parcel has successfully arrived. So this is a little late for you. Congratulates anyway!

j ( China ) :12/20/2015 5:32:31 AM

yes it has arrived finally thanks
See More Comments(694)