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Wangfujing Street,  Beijing

 Wangfujing Street

Location: Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District
Wangfujing Street, reputed as the 'Golden Street' of Beijing, runs from north to south from the National Art Museum of China to the East Chang'an Street. The 810-meter (886-yard) long street is the only commercial pedestrian street in Beijing. This most famous mecca of Beijing is lined with stores catering to all fashion tastes. Some of the more renowned shops are the Oriental Plaza, Sun Dong An Plaza, Beijing Department Store, Wangfujing Bookstore and Wangfujing Gongmei Emporium. Sculptures stand in front of many of the stores portraying the former trades that used to exist in ancient Beijing. The underground street at B1/F of the Sun Dong An Plaza is a marvelous place to experience traditional folk customs.

 Qianmen-Dashilan Area

Location: Qianmen Avenue (in Chongwen District), Dashilan Street (in Xuanwu District)
If you want to buy local Beijing products, Qianmen-Dashilan area is a good choice. This unique busy area lies to the south of the Tiananmen Square and features many China's time-honored shops. With a history of over 500 years, it is a tourist hotspot. Noteworthy shops, like the Ruifuxiang Silk-Since 1862, Neiliansheng Shoe Shop and the Tongrentang Chinese Medicine-Since 1669, give an elegant reflection of ancient Beijing.


Location: Xidan Avenue, Xicheng District
Known as the 'Second Wangfujing', Xidan shopping area is one of the three business hubs of Beijing (the other two are the Wangfujing Street and the Qianmen-Dashilan Area). Its center is the Xidan Commercial Street which is about two kilometers (1.2 miles) west of the Tiananmen Square. It is an integration of shopping malls and department stores, like the Grand Pacific Mall, Xidan Department Store, Xidan Shopping Center, Zhongyou Department Store and Scitech Plaza. Locals are very keen on this area and shop there in great throngs, whereas most of the overseas have a stronger affection to Xiu Shui Jie.

Silk Street, Beijing

 Silk Street (Xiu Shui Jie)

Location: Yong'an Li, Jianwai Avenue, Chaoyang District
Xiu Shui Jie isn't a street any more, but has changed into a decent eight-storey emporium. For the oversea tourists, it is as well-known as the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. You can find practically everything you could want: clothes, silk, souvenirs, handicrafts and even some antiques. Communication is not a big problem, for shop assistants are trained in English. The initial quoted price will be ridiculously high, so keep on haggling. To get there, take the Subway Line 1 or any buses with a stop at Yong'an Li.

 Silver Street 

Location: From Dongdan to Dongsi, near the Oriental Plaza
As its name shows, Silver Street is a hub of the franchise stores of brand dress, thus, it is regarded as 'Nobles Street'. In this street, you can find almost all the foreign name-brand stores and famous sporting goods shops. There are many distinctive small shops of fashion dress and some enjoy oversea fame, and they greatly satisfy the young people. With the diversifying stores and shops of extraordinary design, the street is becoming more and more a fashion's hottest property.
Bus Route: No.106, 108, 111, 116, 204, 684, 685 to Northern Dongdan Crossing.

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Comments and Questions

Where in Beijing can I buy Indian or Brazilian Hair? The real hair and not sythentic.

Reply7/13/2012 3:00:58 AMEmmanuel,   Zambia

Hi all,
Where should i go to if i want to find the cheapest fashion items like clothes, bags etc? Also, my friend recommended nan luo gu xiang. Is it a good place to visit since it's not mentioned on your site. Thanks!

Reply3/16/2012 11:19:36 PMAmiko,   Singapore

Bruce :3/18/2012 7:40:14 PM

Nanluoguxiang is for sightseeing and entertainment rather than shopping. For Cheapest fashion, you should go to the wholesale market near to Beijing zoo. The clothes sold there are at the cheapest price, but with low quality.


What is the best way to get to Wangfujing Street. Is it taxi or subway? and also what is the price for the transporter.

Thank you

Reply1/25/2012 5:11:46 AMOpare,   Egypt

Brain :1/25/2012 7:34:23 PM

you can take subway line 1 to Wangfujing station. the ticket is CNY 2 (except for the Airport express line).

good afternoon, in beijing how can we buy a beauty saloon and an esthetica / cosmetics product?

Reply11/8/2011 12:54:27 AMrobert kurniawan,   Indonesia

James :11/8/2011 6:34:39 PM

i hear that there are some shops on Zhishikou in Chongwen District.

looking same staff cheapest to africa for narmal shop.

Reply9/5/2010 3:42:00 AMjean francois,   Tanzania, United Republic Of