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Beijing offers a wide variety of entertainment. Visitors can enjoy the traditional Chinese performances of Beijing Opera, Chinese Drama and acrobatics staged at theaters and teahouses or stop off a private Karaoke TV room to sing, or at a bar for a drink. For those who prefer more active pursuits, Yoga, bungee-jumping and rock-climbing are also available.

 Monthly Activities
There are all kinds of activities each month, including opera, Chinese traditional acrobatics, folk arts, magic, puppet show, dance, concert, drama and sports. Here we have selected some of the activities as well as their location (theaters), time, and ticket prices for your references.

Beijing Opera, Chinese Drama, Pingshu, acrobatics, and concert are on nearly every day, and some theatres and concert halls are especially for those performances. The local people are fond of Peking Opera, Pingshu (Story-telling), and cross-talk shows, which are now more and more loved by foreigners. 

 Karaoke TV

Karaoke TV is very popular among the Chinese, especially young people. It is quite common to see some young people go to the Karaoke TV rooms to sing songs. Maybe some of the pop stars had done a lot of practice in the Karaoke TV rooms.

Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea, and tea has already become a part of Chinese culture. Drinking tea in the teahouses is also a good time to chat with friends and enjoy the folk shows. In addition, some teahouses sell tea wares and have tea ceremony performance. 

There are many fitness centers, Yoga and training classes in Beijing, and some of them have advanced facilities and qualified instructors, but not all of them provide English service.

Bars and night clubs are mostly distributed in Sanlitun Bar Street and Shichahai Hutong. Both local people and foreigner love these bars, as they provide good places for friends to get-together and spending leisure time after work.

For the sport-lovers living in Beijing, sports centers, clubs, stadiums are categorized according to the different districts they belong to. Most of the clubs can meet your needs of various sports, such as badminton, fitness, golf, ping-pong, rock-climbing, skating, skiing, and tennis.

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