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Beijing One Day Optional Package

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Daily Itinerary Summary

Available Dates: Daily
If you have one free day in Beijing, we have following 5 options  for you to  choose. No matter which one you perfer,  the price keeps the same.

 beihai park-1068
Beihai Park, Beijing

Route 1: Beijing Zoo, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Martial Museum

Your guide will pick you up from the hotel early in the morning. Take the initial stop at the Beijing Zoo in the downtown Beijing area of Xicheng District. The zoo now has around 600 different species of animal, with the total number of all animals amounting to over 5,000. There are dedicated houses for pandas, hippos, rhinoceros, giraffes, elephants, amphibians, reptiles, golden monkeys, orangutans, otters and other animals. The magnificent and attractive Beijing Aquarium situated at the north end of the zoo is the biggest inland one in Asia, allowing people to explore the spectacle of the sea world.

Then private transfer takes you to the Beihai Park. Though it was a royal garden, it remains grand with a hint of exquisite elegance as well. It covers an area of 69 hectares (171 acres), with over a half covered by water. The whole park can be divided into four scenic areas: Qionghua Islet (Jade Flower Islet), Circular City, the eastern bank area and the northern bank area. Proceed to have a leisure stay in the Jingshan Park. The park boasts the stunning natural beauty drawing on tourists afar and various peony roses inside will be in their blossom in May each year. When you reach the top of Jingshan Hills, you could overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City. At the end of the day, visit the Martial Museum, a comprehensive social science Museum in Beijing. It fully shows the new achievements in China's modern national defense construction and process of regularized people's army.

After finishing the full day tour, transfer you back to the hotel.

 fragrant hills-1068
Fragrant Hills Park

Route 2: Fragrant Hills Park, Biyun Temple, Botanic Garden (Including Reclining Buddha Temple), Yuanmingyuan Park

This morning, your guide will wait for you at the lobby of the hotel at 08:30 on time. Then set out to Fragrant Hill Park at once. The park is set off by the splendid hill, exquisite lakes and ancient trees. When autumn comes, the leaves of over 94,000 chittamwood trees on the hill begin to turn red, between mid-October and mid-November. res). Surely, a spectacular scene! At the north end of the Fragrant Hills Park, you will have your second stop, Biyun Temple. As a typical representative ancient architecture of Ming and Qing dynasty, Biyun temple shows a taste of elegance, harmony and sobriety before you. The six courtyards from the lower part to the upper ones form into a very attractive layout and are very impressive for the tourists.

Private transfer continues to take you towards the east of the Fragrant Hills for a while and you will have a chance to visit the Botanic Garden (Including Reclining Buddha Temple). The greenhouse in the garden is the largest one in Asia, and exhibits thousands of tropical and subtropical plants. The garden contains not only a great variety of rare trees and stunning flowers, but also houses a number of historical attractions. The Reclining Buddha Temple in the park constructed early in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) when a huge copper Sakyamuni statue, together with twelve smaller Buddha figurines was worshipped. With intriguing rockeries, clear ponds and elegant bridges interspersed throughout, the garden is a place of great natural beauty.

At the end of the day, visit the Yuanmingyuan Park if time permitting. Then you will be transferred back to the hotel.

Route 3: Great Mosque at Ox Street, Grand View Garden and Baiyun Guan Temple

Beijing has much more to expect for a tourist except the world famous historical relics. Today, your guide will lead you to feel this city from a different visual angle. Ox Street is located near the Guanganmen in the Beijing Xuanwu District and your first stop, Great Mosque is just in the central section of the Ox Street. It is the oldest and the largest Islamic Mosque in Beijing to this day. The style of the architectures inside adopts Chinese traditional wood structure while its decoration details show a vivid Islamic visage. The Great Mosque at Ox Street is very famous in Beijing and still serves an important active place l for the Muslem believers today.

Then private transfer continues to take you to the Grand View Garden (Daguanyuan Park). Unlike other such gardens, it was not built as a private or imperial garden, but as a site for the making of the TV series. The real-life garden occupies an area of 13 hectares (32 acres), a truthful representation of the fictitious extraordinary garden A Dream of Red Mansions, one of four famous Chinese novels. Charming pavilions, twisting cloisters, thriving trees and flowers and lakes with clear ripples make up this dream-like place.

At last, you with your guide will visit the Baiyun Guan Temple (White Cloud Temple), a Taoist temple in Beijing. It is wildly preferred among the pilgrims and you will see their pious faces in the temple. At the front gate, you will find three gateways standing for Taoist three spiritual worlds: Desire, Substance and Emptiness respectively. It is said to be very lucky if you could find all the three monkeys represented in relief sculptures inside according to the legendary. After finishing the tour, your guide will transfer you back to the hotel.

Beijing Guozijian

Route 4: Prince Gong's Mansion, the Temple of Earth, Guozijian and Confucius Temple

An exciting day of travel is ahead as we stop at the Prince Gong's Mansion. The mansion consists of the residence area and the garden area. The residence covers an area of 3.2 hectares (7.9 acres) and the buildings are magnificent. In the center is the main hall, rear hall and a two-storey verandah building with about 40 rooms. In the east and west, three courtyards respectively are parallel to the center.

If you have visited the Temple of Heaven, today private transfer takes you to visit the Temple of Earth. In ancient China, heaven is believed to be round in the south while earth is square in the north. Every year, emperors pray to the god of heaven in the Temple of Heaven in winter and the god of earth in the Temple of Earth in summer, for a flourish new year.

After acquiring some ancient China's theories, go to visit the imperial College (Guozijian) to get more details. Guozijian is widely recognized as the highest official institution during the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644), and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. It is a famous cultural and historical site in Beijing with exquisite design. Along the central axis of the College lies the Jixian Gate, Taixue Gate, Glazed Archway, Biyong Hall, Yilun Hall and Jingyi Pavilion. There are six halls on each side of the central axis. The whole complex forms a Chinese traditional symmetrical layout.

To the east of the college lies the Confucian Temple, built in memory of Confucius (551 BC-479). He is a celebrated thinker, politician and educator during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC), and, of course, the founder of Confucianism. The architectural layout is in accordance with Chinese tradition where a temple should lie to the left of the college and both face south. After finishing the full day tour, private transfer takes you back to the hotel.

Option 5: Ancient Observatory, Beijing Planetarium, China Geological Museum and CCTV Tower

This tour invites you to experience some off the beaten tracks in Capital Beijing city. Your initial stop, Ancient Observatory, is located outside the Jianguomen and is one of the oldest observatories in the world. It gains its reputation for integrated architectures, elegant apparatus, long history and the special action in culture exchange between orient and west. It is made up of the two parts. You can touch the astronomical instruments standing on the platform and visit the affiliated buildings under the platform. Private transfer continues to take you to visit the Beijing Planetarium. The planetarium, with its cupola is the main architecture inside and tourists have a chance to see the heavens under the help of the projectors during the 45-minute presentations.

Proceed to taste the profound culture of this magic land when you're taken to the China Geological Museum. As the earliest geological museum in China, and the largest one in Asia, it has a great reputation in the Museum circles for many years. The museum abounds in treasures and has about a hundred thousand geologic samples. It draws an imposing painting before us through the display the history of geological evolvement, the changes of the nature environment and evolvement of the ancient creatures.

At the end of the day, visit the CCTV Tower and then transfer you back to the hotel.

Duration: 9.5 hours (08:30-18:00)

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We are a party of two people coming to Beijing on 25th of May to participate in a charity walk on The Great Wall.

We have two days prior to the tour commencing that we would be looking to do day tours around Beijing. These would be Sunday 26 & Monday, 27th May.

There is a possibility of another adult and a teenage male joining us for these tours.

We are interested in food, architecture, art and getting to know about the Chinese culture and how the Chinese people live.

We are doing The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven as part of our other tour.

Is there one of your tours that you would recommend that would suit us?

Regards Catherine

Reply4/1/2019 1:59:36 AMCatherine Adams,   Australia

Nick ( Armenia ) :4/2/2019 12:46:18 AM

Hi, you are advised to inquire the recommonded tour throung this e-mail: travel@travelchinaguide.com
Hope it helps.