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Tour Code: SG2017-15
China Wonders & Panda: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu
Tour Length: 11 days

Making a difference

The choice is yours, but decisions are often hard to make. Our itinerary feature page as Making a Difference will let you know the detailed arrangements of highlight attractions, accommodations, meals, special local flavors we arrange in the itinerary you will choose. Only you truly know where each of your coin will be spent, you could make your own choice! It is worth comparing the quality and value of a tour before you make your reservation. 

Daily Itinerary Summary

Forbidden City, Beijing

 Day 01: Entry Beijing
Upon your arrival at Beijing airport, our guide will be waiting for you outside the customs of the airport. Then you will be transferred to the best Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel that we booked for you. In the remainder of the day, you can have a good rest for the furthering journey.
  Hotel: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel  - the best Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing
Day 02: Beijing   
After the breakfast, you need to attend a pre-tour briefing meeting. You will meet the other members of your travel group and our guide will give a simple explanation about the following days' itinerary. Your travel in Beijing first begins with the Tianan'men Square, the largest city center square in the world, which can accommodate over one million people's public gathering. Every morning, there will be national flag raising ceremony held in the square. Then we will proceed to the largest and best-preserved wooden garden complex, the Forbidden City, which was the imperial palace for 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties. At lunch time, an a la carte meal  (valued at CNY150.00 per person and included in our price) will especially served at a fancy restaurant. Then you will proceed to the Temple of Heaven, the site for the Ming and Qing emperors to worship for the good harvest of his people. In the evening, we will arrange a lively Chinese Kung Fu Show at Red Theatre for you. 
  Hotel: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel  
  Meals: B, L

Terracotta Warriors Museum, Xian

Day 03: Beijing 
Today's highlight is to visit the Badaling section of the Great Wall, one of the eight world wonder. Badaling section is well preserved and it is also the first section open to visitor. You will be deeply impressed by the Great Wall's majestic vigor. Then visit a jade factory. As most restaurants near the scenic spots are doing poorly, your lunch will not be arranged by us. You are suggested to have a big breakfast and take some snacks from the hotel. Next, we will move forward to the Sacred Way. The Sacred Way is the passage leading to the Changling Mausoleum. On the ride to the hotel, we will pass the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium), and you can capture its outlook with your cameras.
  Hotel: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel  
  Meals: B

Day 04: Beijing Xian
Today, it's our last stay in Beijing, for you are scheduled to take a flight to Xian in the evening. Before that, we will drop by the Summer Palace and a pearl store. The palace is, in the present, the best-preserved imperial garden in China, and it prevails over others with its elegance and delicacy. Then an a la carte lunch (valued at CNY150.00 per person and included in our price) will be prepared in a local nice restaurant for you. Then we will trace the Beijing culture by exploring the Hutong alleys. There you are able to learn about local people's daily life, and experience their customs and practices. Afterwards, we will leave for Xian with an evening flight. Our tour guide in Xian will pick up you in the airport and transfer you to the 5-star Sheraton Hotel. 

  Hotel: Sheraton Hotel
  Meals: B, L

Xian City Wall

Day 05: Xian
Today, we will visit the highlight of Xian, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and then a pottery-making factory. The army was buried with the dead Qinshihuang for protection, which forms the largest underground military forces. The museum can be divided into three pits, and mainly display pottery figures, bronze chariots and horses. At a local family, you will be treated with an authentic a la carte lunch (valued at CNY100.00 per person and included in our price). Our next stop is the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, which is a Buddhist pagoda survived from Tang dynasty. A splendid evening will be livened up by Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show after finishing the famous Dumplings Dinner.

  Hotel: Sheraton Hotel
  Meals: B, L
Day 06: Xian
Xian is an ancient city rich in cultural deposits, and the best witness is the City Wall, the best-preserved wall of Ming dynasty. Climbing up the wall in the morning, you will sense the far-reaching history behind this outstanding work. Then make our way to the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, where you can get an overview of the thirteen dynasties' rise and fall in Xian. Numerous exhibits make you dig out the past civilization. An a la carte lunch  (valued at CNY120.00 per person and included in our price) will be especially served in an authentic restaurant. Go on our visit to the Great Mosque, and some free time will be left to you for a leisure stroll or shopping in the market.
  Hotel: Sheraton Hotel
  Meals: B, L

Li River Cruise, Guilin

Day 07: Xian Guilin
Check out of the hotel and take a morning flight to Guilin. Upon arrival, our guide will pick you in the airport and drive you to the Reed Flute Cave and visit a sea water pearl store. The cave comes into being for the karst forces, and it is noted for the stalactites, stone columns and pillars inside. The stones take distinct shapes and have vivid similarity to animals, flowers. Afterwards, you will be transferred to the Sheraton Hotel that we booked in advance. Take a sweet rest or just walk around to get familiar with the surroundings. 

  Hotel: Sheraton Hotel
  Meals: B

Day 08: GuilinYangshuoGuilin
The most interesting experience is no more than taking a Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. In this way, you can take in the best part of the natural landscape. As the food on board may not be up to your taste, you are suggested to have a big breakfast before departure. Disembark at Yangshuo, we will explore the rural area for refreshing sightseeing. Cycling along the nearby roads provides you an excitement-hunting experience. With a visit in a village family, you will also be deeply impressed by their customs, hospitality, and ethic culture. Then go back to Guilin to drop by the Elephant Trunk Hill. As the name literally indicates, the hill is in elephant-like shape, situated at the intersection of Lijiang and Yangjiang rivers.
  Hotel: Sheraton Hotel
  Meals: B, L

Day 09: GuilinChengdu
Check out of the hotel, and you will be transferred to the airport for the flight to Chengdu. Our guide will be waiting for you in the airport and help you check into the 4 stars Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza. The rest of the day is arranged by yourself. As your hotel is located near the Exit C of East Gate Bridge subway station on line 2, you can take the subway, via two stops, to the Tianfu Square, where you can have a lot of selections of restaurants.
  Hotel: Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  Meals: B

Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Base

Day 10: Chengdu
In the morning, you will visit the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which is located at suburban area, about 10 kilometers from Chengdu downtown. We will set off a bit earlier to catch the pandas' breakfast moment, for it is the most active period of their daily life. In the bamboo forest, you can see many pandas wandering, sleeping or playing on the lawn. Afterwards, following our guide, you will trace the mysterious history of Chengdu in Jinsha Site Museum. There are a great deal bronze wares, ivories, golden and jade wares in display, which presents a glorious ancient civilization of Chengdu. The 4D cinema also enables you to learn more about the past of this city. Then explore the Broad and Narrow Alleys, a busy commercial street based on the old local dwellings. Many crafts shops, painting clubs, tea houses and opera theaters are lined along the street.
  Hotel: Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  Meals: B

 Day 11: Chengdu/ Exit
Your memorable tour comes to an end, and you are expected to check out before 12:00. Please find your own way to the airport according to your scheduled flight. If you have interest in an extensional travel, please feel free to contact with our consultants, and it will be our pleasure to serve you with the best.

  Meals: B

Tour Prices (based on per person and shown in US dollars)
Route Code
Travel Timetable(Start Date - End Date)
Twin Room Basis
Single Room Supplement
15-01-05 05 Jan, 2017 - 15 Jan, 2017 $1432.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-02-14 14 Feb, 2017 - 24 Feb, 2017 $1432.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-02-24 24 Feb, 2017 - 06 Mar, 2017 $1432.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-03-05 05 Mar, 2017 - 15 Mar, 2017 $1432.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-03-12 12 Mar, 2017 - 22 Mar, 2017 $1432.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-03-26 26 Mar, 2017 - 05 Apr, 2017 $1562.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-04-01 01 Apr, 2017 - 11 Apr, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-04-06 06 Apr, 2017 - 16 Apr, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-04-13 13 Apr, 2017 - 23 Apr, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-04-20 20 Apr, 2017 - 30 Apr, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-05-04 04 May, 2017 - 14 May, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-05-11 11 May, 2017 - 21 May, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-05-18 18 May, 2017 - 28 May, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-05-25 25 May, 2017 - 04 Jun, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-06-01 01 Jun, 2017 - 11 Jun, 2017 $1622.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-06-08 08 Jun, 2017 - 18 Jun, 2017 $1622.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-06-15 15 Jun, 2017 - 25 Jun, 2017 $1622.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-06-22 22 Jun, 2017 - 02 Jul, 2017 $1552.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-06-29 29 Jun, 2017 - 09 Jul, 2017 $1652.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-07-06 06 Jul, 2017 - 16 Jul, 2017 $1652.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-07-13 13 Jul, 2017 - 23 Jul, 2017 $1652.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-07-20 20 Jul, 2017 - 30 Jul, 2017 $1652.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-07-27 27 Jul, 2017 - 06 Aug, 2017 $1652.00 $452.00 Closed 
15-08-03 03 Aug, 2017 - 13 Aug, 2017 $1662.00 $462.00 Closed 
15-08-10 10 Aug, 2017 - 20 Aug, 2017 $1662.00 $462.00 Closed 
15-08-17 17 Aug, 2017 - 27 Aug, 2017 $1662.00 $462.00 Closed 
15-08-24 24 Aug, 2017 - 03 Sep, 2017 $1662.00 $472.00 Closed 
15-08-31 31 Aug, 2017 - 10 Sep, 2017 $1682.00 $502.00 Closed 
15-09-07 07 Sep, 2017 - 17 Sep, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-09-14 14 Sep, 2017 - 24 Sep, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-09-21 21 Sep, 2017 - 01 Oct, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-10-05 05 Oct, 2017 - 15 Oct, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-10-12 12 Oct, 2017 - 22 Oct, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-10-19 19 Oct, 2017 - 29 Oct, 2017 $1682.00 $512.00 Closed 
15-10-26 26 Oct, 2017 - 05 Nov, 2017 $1592.00 $72.00 Closed 
15-11-02 02 Nov, 2017 - 12 Nov, 2017 $1502.00 $472.00 Closed 
15-11-09 09 Nov, 2017 - 19 Nov, 2017 $1502.00 $472.00 Closed 
15-11-16 16 Nov, 2017 - 26 Nov, 2017 $1472.00 $442.00 Closed 
15-12-09 09 Dec, 2017 - 19 Dec, 2017 $1452.00 $412.00 Closed 
15-12-22 22 Dec, 2017 - 01 Jan, 2018 $1452.00 $412.00 Open 
15-01-06 06 Jan, 2018 - 16 Jan, 2018 $1472.00 $432.00 Open 
15-02-03 03 Feb, 2018 - 13 Feb, 2018 $1472.00 $432.00 Open 
15-03-04 04 Mar, 2018 - 14 Mar, 2018 $1472.00 $442.00 Open 
15-03-11 11 Mar, 2018 - 21 Mar, 2018 $1472.00 $442.00 Open 
15-03-25 25 Mar, 2018 - 04 Apr, 2018 $1552.00 $482.00 Open 
15-03-31 31 Mar, 2018 - 10 Apr, 2018 $1772.00 $562.00 Open 

Terms and Conditions

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