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Foreign Cuisine in Beijing

When traveling in Beijing, you can not only have a taste of the authentic Beijing food of Roast Duck and the classical Chinese cuisine Kung Pao Chicken, but also enjoy the food of your hometown as there are numerous restaurants which serve exotic cuisine in Beijing. These restaurants have a great variety of flavor, including fantastic food of America, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, South-East Asia and South America, though some of the restaurants offer authentic foreign style food, while some combines the flavor of Chinese food and earn more credits from the locals. The dishes will cheer you up if you miss your home food and they are also good places to taste the delicacies.

The most favorite foreign restaurants in Beijing for your reference, including the name, address, contact information, and location of the restaurants. Here we also give the approximate average cost per person so that you can make a comparison between different restaurants.

Classical American food such as Buffalo wings, loaded potato skins, salad, steak, and BBQ ribs can be found in T.G.I Friday. 
If you are fond of rock music, then you will have a nice time in the Hard Rock Café. It offers delicious American style food and exciting rock music show as well. 
Big Easy is definitely a good place to indulge yourself in Jazz and Blues as well as enjoy a couple of drinks such as Bloody Mary and Hurricane. 
More American Style Restaurant in Beijing: Grandma's Kitchen, Steaks and Eggs, Baskin Robins


Brazilian barbecue is one of the most important dishes in the state banquet of Brazil. Many the Brazilian style barbeque restaurants can be found in Beijing, such as Alameda, Golden Hans, Carnaval Brazilian Barbecue and Flicker Brazilian Barbecue.


French food is always loved by all gourmets. The most welcomed French restaurants in Beijing are: Maxim’s de Paris, Brasserie Flo, Justine's, and Firstar. The Fauchon on the Jianguo Road is famous for the luxury and delicate French food, while The Pass By Restaurant and Le Petit Gourmand are unique French restaurants that located in the old Beijing Hutongs.
More French Style Restaurants: Le Bistrot Parisien, Wine Talk, Parfum French Restaurant
In Beijing, you can also enjoy the authentic home made German beer and sausage in the German style restaurants, including Paulaner Brauhaus, Der Landgraf, Schindlers Tankstelle, and  Hof Brauhaus.
For those who are fond of curry chicken, curry mutton, curry vegetables, curry…..Indian food must be a best choice. Famous Indian restaurants in Beijing: Indian Kitchen, TANDOOR, The TAJ Pavilion, RAJ Indian Restaurant
Italy is the home to spaghetti and pizza, but you can also found authentic Italian food in Beijing. Famous Italian restaurants in Beijing are: Tafi Italian Restaurant, Venice Restaurant, The Spaghetti House, and BRAVO Italian Restaurant.
More foreign restaurants in Beijing: Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese