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Tour Code:  SG2017-07

Pandas with Grand Yangtze: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise, Yichang and Shanghai
Tour Length: 14 days

Making a difference

The choice is yours, but decisions are often hard to make. Our itinerary feature page as Making a Difference will let you know the detailed arrangements of highlight attractions, accommodations, meals, special local flavors we arrange in the itinerary you will choose. Only you truly know where each of your coin will be spent, you could make your own choice! It is worth comparing the quality and value of a tour before you make your reservation.

Daily Itinerary Summary

         Forbidden City, Beijing

Day 01: Arrival in Beijing 
Upon your arrival at Beijing airport, you will be picked up by our guide, and then transferred to the well selected hotel. You will check into the hotel with the aid of our guide. In the rest of day, you can explore the nearby area by yourself, or just sleep in the hotel after the tiring flight.

  Hotel : Holiday Inn Central Plaza
- the best Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing

Day 02: Beijing   
After breakfast, our guide will brief you on the tour itinerary of following days at the lobby of the hotel. Your Beijing trip will begin with the Tiananmen Square. It is located at the heart of Beijing, and every morning the national flag raising ceremony will be held there. Around the square tower the Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall and the Great Hall of the People. Then make our way to the Forbidden City, which is an unparalleled architectural masterpiece in the world. The present well-preserved wood garden complex fully indicates the glorious scene in Ming and Qing dynasties. An a la carte lunch (valued at CNY150.00 per person and included in our price) with authentic Chinese food will be specially served at a local fancy restaurant. In the afternoon, we will proceed to the royalties' harvest praying site, Temple of Heaven. Tonight, you will enjoy a fantastic Chinese Kung Fu Show at the Red Theatre.

  Hotel : Holiday Inn Central Plaza
  Meals : B, L

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Day 03: Beijing   
Today, we will visit the highlight of Beijing trip, the Badaling Great Wall. After 1.5 hours drive ride, you will reach the Great Wall. Climbing up the wall, you can have a panorama view of the surroundings. A strong sense of grandeur will occupy your heart. Visit a jade factory next. You need to note that, the restaurants near the spot are always doing poorly, so the lunch is on your own. The suggestion for you is to have a full meal at the breakfast and take some easy-carrying food in case. Afterwards, proceed to the Sacred Way. On your way returning to the downtown, our bus will stop at the Bird Nest for you to take a photo of its outlook for memory, please seize the opportunities.

  Hotel : Holiday Inn Central Plaza
  Meals : B

Day 04: Beijing Xian  
In the morning, we will pay a visit to the Summer Palace, a pearl of garden architectural masterpiece. Unique design and the natural advantages make the garden full of glamour. Take a boat in the Kunming Lake and refresh yourself with the soft breeze. Drop by a pearl store. Soon, you can enjoy a delicious lunch (valued at CNY150.00 per person and included in our price) at a well selected restaurant. Following our guide, you will explore the old Hutongs in the afternoon. You get a chance to have a close touch with the local residents, and experience their life style and features. Then we will pack up and leave for the next destination, Xian. Upon arrival at the Xianyang airport, you will be received by our guide and driven to the hotel booked by us. 

  Hotel : Sheraton Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Xian

Day 05: Xian  
Today's tour begins with Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the largest underground military museum. Numerous life-sized pottery figures are arrayed in the pits, and each of them has different facial expression and posture. This underground military army was set up for Qinshihuang emperor's protection, which indicates his sovereign status. Then visit a pottery-making factory. After a homely cooked a la arte lunch (valued at CNY100.00 per person and included in our price) in a local family, we will go back to the downtown to visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a relic of Buddhist architecture in Tang Dynasty. Then the famous Dumpling Banquet is ready for you. At last, you will be entertained by the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show.

  Hotel : Sheraton Hotel
  Meals : B, L, D

Xian City Wall

Day 06: Xian
Tracing the history mark of Xian, we will visit the City Wall, the forceful and mature defensive system in warships in Ming dynasty. Climbing up the wall, you can closely touch the bricks, or just cycle for excitement-hunting. Next, you will head to the Provincial History Museum. The exhibition halls in the museum are arranged through the dynasty order, so you will have a clear clue of the process of China civilization. As for the lunch (valued at CNY120.00 per person and included in our price), you will taste the local cuisine at a nice restaurant. Our next stop is the Great Mosque, and you will be given some free time to take a leisure stroll in the market.

  Hotel : Sheraton Hotel
  Meals : B, L

Day 07: Xian Chengdu
Check out of the hotel, and take a flight to Chengdu. After two hours ride, you will arrive at the Chengdu airport, and our guide will see you there. You will be transferred to the 4-star Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza and our guide will help you to handle the check-in procedures. The rest of the day is free on your own arrangement. If you fell hungry, you can use the nearby subway line 2 to get to the Tianfu Square, where you can find a lot of restaurants available.

  Hotel : Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  Meals : B

Giant pandas, Chengdu

Day 08: Chengdu
Our first stop is to visit the Research Base of Giant Panda. Panda is regarded as national treasure, and it is one of the symbols of China. In the base, you can witness a lot of adorable adult pandas and panda babies. Some of them are lying for a snap, while some playing in the ground. Especially at their breakfast time, you will be fully attracted by their naive behavior. Next, continue our exploration to the Jinsha Site Museum, which reflects the origin of Chengdu City in Shang and Zhou period and the high civilization of Yangtze River upstream area. By the way, you can enjoy the 4D Cinema 'Dream Back to Jinsha' in the museum. Then explore the Broad and Narrow Alleys afterwards.

  Hotel : Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza
  Meals : B

Day 09: ChengduChongqing   
Before we take a train to Chongqing, you will be given some free time to continue your journey in Chengdu. Then you will take a soft seat bullet train to Chongqing, and our guide in Chongqing will receive you at the train station and transfer you to get on the luxurious cruise ship, President No. 8. Your memorable Yangtze River Cruise is scheduled to set sail at 22:00. 

  Hotel : President No. 8 with balcony
  Meals : B

Yangtze River Cruise

Day 10: Shibaozhai
You will arrive at Shibaozhai at about 14:00. Disembark to take an excursion to the Shibaozhai tower, which was built leaning against the Yuyin Mountain. The wood tower is of high art and aesthetic value on account of unique architectural style, and you can climb up the tower to sense its glamour in person. In the evening, you are expected to show up in the Captain's Welcome Party, and your mood will be livened up by the great atmosphere.
  Hotel : President No. 8 with balcony
  Meals : B, L, D

Day 11: Badong  Xiling Gorge Sandouping   
We will sail into the 8 kilometer- long Qutang Gorge section, which is the shortest but grandest section of the Three Gorges. While the following Wu Gorge is the best part, which is endowed with deep valleys, abrupt peaks, hazy clouds and mist. Cruising down the river, you will feel like wandering in a fairyland. Next, we will go onshore to explore the Shennong Stream, a scenic spots themed with Tu People's life environments. You can take an exciting adventure with an original pea boat down the stream. You can feast your eyes with the bewitching scenery in a close distance. Go on your cruise to the western part of the Xiling Gorge, which features the dangerous rivers and mountains. We will dock overnight at Sandouping, which is pretty near to the Three Gorges Dam.

  Hotel : President No. 8 with balcony
  Meals : B, L, D
Day 12:  Yichang Shanghai   
Upon arrival at the Three Gorges Dam, you will get a chance to take a close excursion around. The under constructed dam is the largest water project in the world, quite majestic and splendid. Especially the flood discharge scene is the most shocking moment. Afterwards, return to the ship and check out. You will be driven to the Yichang downtown to have a simple lunch, and then head to the airport for the flight to Shanghai. You will be picked up by our guide and transfer to the Mercure Shanghai Zhongya Hotel.

  Hotel : Grand Mercure Shanghai Zhongya
  Meals : B, L

Shanghai Bund

Day 13: Shanghai  
After breakfast, you will head to the Shanghai Museum, located near the People's Square. The museum mainly displays bronze wares, ceramics, paintings, currency, jade wares and sculptures. Continue your visit to the Yuyuan Garden, which is noted for its unique design and rich cultural relics. Then visit a silk shop. An a la carte farewell lunch (valued at CNY120.00 per person and included in our price) will be served at a popular local restaurant. Then we will proceed to the bund area, the symbol of modern Shanghai. Around, you can view the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jinmao Tower, as well as many buildings in different exotic styles. Continue your exploration to Tianzifang, an ancient cultural street developed from local residence. Artistic centers, exotic restaurants and bars are scattered around, where you can enjoy your relaxing moment.
  Hotel : Grand Mercure Shanghai Zhongya
  Meals : B, L

Day 14: Departure from Shanghai
After completing the check-out procedure, please find a way to head to the airport according to your flight schedule. As also, you are warmly welcomed to look over our City Tour Packages to plan an extensional China Visit, and we will always serve you the best.

  Meals : B 

Tour Prices (based on per person and shown in US dollars)
Route Code
Travel Timetable(Start Date - End Date)
Twin Room Basis
Single Room Supplement
7-04-01 01 Apr, 2017 - 14 Apr, 2017 $2422.00 $842.00 Closed 
7-04-06 06 Apr, 2017 - 19 Apr, 2017 $2372.00 $812.00 Closed 
7-04-13 13 Apr, 2017 - 26 Apr, 2017 $2372.00 $812.00 Closed 
7-04-20 20 Apr, 2017 - 03 May, 2017 $2372.00 $812.00 Closed 
7-05-04 04 May, 2017 - 17 May, 2017 $2432.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-05-11 11 May, 2017 - 24 May, 2017 $2432.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-05-18 18 May, 2017 - 31 May, 2017 $2432.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-05-25 25 May, 2017 - 07 Jun, 2017 $2352.00 $792.00 Closed 
7-06-01 01 Jun, 2017 - 14 Jun, 2017 $2432.00 $752.00 Closed 
7-06-08 08 Jun, 2017 - 21 Jun, 2017 $2432.00 $752.00 Closed 
7-06-15 15 Jun, 2017 - 28 Jun, 2017 $2432.00 $752.00 Closed 
7-06-22 22 Jun, 2017 - 05 Jul, 2017 $2432.00 $752.00 Closed 
7-06-29 29 Jun, 2017 - 12 Jul, 2017 $2352.00 $822.00 Closed 
7-07-06 06 Jul, 2017 - 19 Jul, 2017 $2352.00 $822.00 Closed 
7-07-13 13 Jul, 2017 - 26 Jul, 2017 $2352.00 $822.00 Closed 
7-07-20 20 Jul, 2017 - 02 Aug, 2017 $2352.00 $822.00 Closed 
7-07-27 27 Jul, 2017 - 09 Aug, 2017 $2352.00 $822.00 Closed 
7-08-03 03 Aug, 2017 - 16 Aug, 2017 $2352.00 $832.00 Closed 
7-08-10 10 Aug, 2017 - 23 Aug, 2017 $2352.00 $832.00 Closed 
7-08-17 17 Aug, 2017 - 30 Aug, 2017 $2352.00 $832.00 Closed 
7-08-24 24 Aug, 2017 - 06 Sep, 2017 $2442.00 $882.00 Closed 
7-08-31 31 Aug, 2017 - 13 Sep, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-09-07 07 Sep, 2017 - 20 Sep, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-09-14 14 Sep, 2017 - 27 Sep, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-09-21 21 Sep, 2017 - 04 Oct, 2017 $2562.00 $952.00 Closed 
7-10-05 05 Oct, 2017 - 18 Oct, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-10-12 12 Oct, 2017 - 25 Oct, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-10-19 19 Oct, 2017 - 01 Nov, 2017 $2442.00 $862.00 Closed 
7-10-26 26 Oct, 2017 - 08 Nov, 2017 $2372.00 $812.00 Closed 
7-11-02 02 Nov, 2017 - 15 Nov, 2017 $2292.00 $792.00 Closed 
7-11-09 09 Nov, 2017 - 22 Nov, 2017 $2292.00 $792.00 Closed 
7-11-16 16 Nov, 2017 - 29 Nov, 2017 $2262.00 $752.00 Closed 
7-03-31 31 Mar, 2018 - 13 Apr, 2018 $2382.00 $922.00 Open 

Terms and Conditions

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