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Good afternoon,

Thanks for your trace our tour. Everything was as promised.

The driver was prompt, skilled and always helpful. The guides could not have been nicer. They are patient, knowledgable and went out of the way to give us help.

Thank you!

Charles Zucker

Client's information:
Mr. Charles Samuel Zucker, Ms. Elynne Beth Zucker and Mr. Scott Harris Zucker , Short Hills, New Jersey, US

Itinerary: 15-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo -Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Wuhan - Shanghai


Our trip to China was extraordinary in every aspect. Our guides were wonderful. The selection of restaurants and hotels was flawless. The places we visited fulfilled all of our expectations. Perhaps best of all was the country itself.

We are definitely considering another visit to explore the culture and history in greater depth. Of course there must be something that could be improved and I understand it was not the fault of your agency. The arrangements for boarding the cruise ship can be improved.

Notwithstanding that one flaw we have recommended your agency to our friends and will probably travel in China with you again.

Joseph M. Giden

Client's information:
Mr. Joseph Martin Giden and Ms. Ruth Kamerman Giden , Sherman Oaks, California, US

Itinerary: 13-Day Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Wuhan - Shanghai

Dear Emma,

Although we have a brief tour to China, I am absolutely happy with the service and professionalism of your company. Everything has been first classs and well organized.

We enjoy our relaxed day on the Yangtze River and recommend your company to my friends and the people who planned to China.


Regards Richard

Client's information:
Mr. richard frederick james, Ms. barbara winifred james and Mr. judith lillian firman , Australian

Itinerary: 6-Day Standard Tours of Wuhan - Yangtze River Cruise - Chongqing

Hi Michael,

My wife and I were well taken care of by our driver and guide. Although my wife was not feeling well during our stay, our guide did everything she could to make our stay enjoyable.


Jimmy Rinehart

Client's information:
Mr. Jimmy Ray Rinehart and Ms. Elaine Patricia Rinehart , Seabrook Island, SC, US

Itinerary: 4-Day Standard Tours of Beijing


We wanted a private tour, so we could see the sights that interested us and have our own pace. Our driver was excellect and our guide was friendly, intelligent, knowleagable. She went our of her way to make our visit enjoyable.


Eugene Denson

Client's information:
Mr. Eugene Denson , Alderpoint, US

Itinerary: 4-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing

Dear Cynthina,

Although a very brief visit to the Terracotta Warriors, It went very well with a Charming and knowledgable guide and courteous driver. I would highly recommend your service.

M. Schwarz

Nov 27, 2006

Client's information:
Mr. Miguel Schwarz and Mrs. Betty Schwarz , Mexico

Itinerary: 2-Day Standard Tours of Xian

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